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Have you ever wondered why you need to use the toilet straight after eating cabbage? Scientists finally have the answer ... z4kqHWxVrZ" onclick=";return false;
British ticket scoops £87.5 MILLION jackpot in last night’s EuroMillions draw… so is it YOU? ... -draw.html" onclick=";return false;
Anyone else want to reach into the TV and give them a hug?': Viewers' emotion as Harry and William reveal how they struggled to cope after the death of their mother

They aren't alone in losing a mother at an early age. ... z4nqCMxucG" onclick=";return false;
Will the world end this month? Conspiracy theorists claim the upcoming solar eclipse will cause the mysterious planet 'Nibiru' to smash into Earth ... z4p4wp3WFQ" onclick=";return false;
Indeed. The song is dire. Again. A sort of martial rabble-rouser, like a cross between a Big Country single from 1985 and one of the Proclaimers' poorer efforts.

But no matter. Our international reputation was well on the slide even before we voted to fuck everything up with Brexit, but it's now crystal clear that just about everybody in our neighbouring European countries views us as a nation of cunts. The last thing they'd do is vote for us in anything, even if our Eurovision entry were Aretha Franklin at her peak singing Tracks of my Tears (seek it out - knocks Smokey feckin' Robinson into a cocked hat).

Ho hum. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.
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Should we all be drinking 'raw' water straight from a spring? That's the latest health fad. ALICE HART-DAVIS was a convert — until she sent her 'deliciously refreshing' drink off to a laboratory for testing!

Apart from any health concerns, you'd need a lot of springs for all 70 million of us. ... pring.html
Can THIS ancient Chinese chart reveal the gender of the royal baby? Expert explains how Kate's age and month of conception can be used to predict whether she will have a boy or a girl ... -baby.html
Is the octopus an 'extraterrestrial import' that arrived to Earth via comet? Paper resurrects controversial theory that life began elsewhere in the universe - and claims alien viruses raining down on our planet drove evolution ... where.html

That headline's also crying out for a literate sub-editor
Is fear of women driving men to sleep with other men instead? Racy novelist Jilly Cooper asks if the Me Too campaign has changed our views on relationships ... z5HARv3Ajb
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