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They might have a vague memory of some models getting their kit off for them in the nineties, but if it hadn't been for that they'd probably have no idea.
Now small businesses are targeted by the taxman

So, according to the Mail, small firms should be exempt from spot checks done on paperwork and according to the rent-a-gob MPs they've lined up, this is unfair, etc etc. What's always fun to remember is that not every "small firm" is going to be some sort of quaint little antique shop run by an adorable old pair of fogeys, and not every "small firm" is going to be doing the decent thing in terms of taxation and rates. In fact, there was a case study done up here in Scotland which pointed out that a lot of small businesses regularly flout rules relating to taxation and staff treatment, and the definition of a "small firm" is highly suspect in some cases. But that doesn't matter to the Mail, does it, which seems to live in some sort of halcyon period of small businesses all being little garages and shops owned by Mr and Mrs Fartsquiggle, etc.

Two little gems. The first is that the MP now most likely to be taking backhanders from the Mail rather than doing her own fucking job - the awful Priti Patel - makes an appearance. I take it then that Priti's run out of things to do in Parliament? Oh, here's a photo. The smug is particularly strong in this photo...


Note that Priti is making that well-known symbol for vagina - or in her case, cunt. I'm sure there'll be another article with a throwaway soundbite from Mrs Patel any time soon.

The second are the comments, in particular one from our dear friend Mike in Thailand. It seems that when he's not busy getting rubdowns from nubile young ladyboys, our Mike - who feels cheated by our Government because he chose to retire and live abroad and thus misses out on pension increases and the such, the lamb - finds various ways to blame the EU. Clearly you've been in the sun for too long, you useless old cretin. And I quote:

Why not start with the EU it has not been audited since it started. There you will find there are many tons of missing paper work (& money).
- Mike, expat English oap paid UK tax for 60 years now cheated out of State , pension increases because I chose to retire & live in Khon Kaen, Thailand., 3/1/2012 2:05
Good point - 'small business' is becoming something of a loaded term. The 'small' really buys into the existing Mailite mindset of oppression and the sense that, were it not for all the bureaucratic red-tape nonsense Britain could 'get on with it' (channelling the 'Dunkirk Spirit' by proxy). It also implies, as you rightly say, that all small businesses are a bastion of honesty, whilst ignoring the fact that many blatantly contravene existing laws for workers. This leads me on to the idea of restriction, particularly in the face of business. There is an amazing amount of hostility to bbc/leftie/new labour 'elf and safety' regulatory measures, to the point that the fury (to use a favoured word) is all out of proportion to the perceived problem. I think this is in part due to the press's proclivity to frame such debate in terms of hardworking, no-nonsense Brits v. the big ol' bad EU Leviathan. Obviously the role of business plays into the narrative of good citizens wanting to help the ailing economy by doing their bit, whilst conjuring images of professionalism and such like. The message seems to be: it's business, so it must be good and it's small, so it must be protected from the Red Menace.
"Crivens, Mavis! Your titties are goose-stepping and smell of sauerkraut!"

No racial prejudice going on, eh? Like Berlin time...
Arnold wrote:
Now RBS boss to get ANOTHER £8m bonus as he racks up £35.5m (and counting) in earnings from the taxpayer in just three years ... z1kqpSy7T3

Do they offer an opinion on whether this is a god or a bad thing (Politics of envy, pay for top talent, commands rates that the market will bear, etc etc).
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