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Arnold wrote:
Now the threat of standpipes! UK's biggest water firm bans hosepipes until Christmas despite wettest April for 100 years

Read more: ... z1thTbZ1Cv

I read that article last night and it's crazy. Basically, they accuse the government minister of being confusing because she (I think it was a she) didn't agree with the headline they took out of context.

From what I gather, she said that we aren't at risk of standpipes yet, but if we have a dry winter, it would be a risk. Isn't that what they've been saying all along? I am not sure how "now" comes into it as she was talking about something not happening "now" and could only possibly happen (possibly) "much later".

Damn you DM for making me feel I should defend a government minister.
By Arnold
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Now Brussels takes aim at the Famous Five! Books portraying 'traditional' families could be barred

What sort of traditional family is five children and a dog? And do schools still have FF books? That front cover is about sixty years old.

By Timbo
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Arnold wrote:
Now English asthma patients are denied life-changing drug offered to Scots ... z2BioUjLYl

Speaking as someone who knows at least three asthmatic Scots, this isn't 'offered' to them. Asthma is thankfully a condition with a pretty good spread of very effective treatments, both preventative and relievers. I know from my own experience with asthma that they are always very reluctant to upgrade you to a higher tier of medication not because of cost, but because they don't want you to develop a tolerance to the medication. £8k a year is a horrendous sum for a condition where there are already very effective management techniques even for serious cases.
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