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By karlt
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TonyHoyle wrote:
Arnold wrote:
Still glowing strong: Britain's oldest light bulb keeps on shining after an incredible 130 years

'She told the Daily Express: 'It's a real talking point. There is no substitute for craftsmanship.. '

Nice of them to attribute the paper they lifted the story from!
Didn't take long for the comments to deteriorate to a rant about energy saving lightbulbs and the wicked EU making us use them.
By ezinra
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The Mail has decided that one story about a pensioner and her vacuum cleaner is not enough. It sends one of its star reporters out to meet, greet and test drive the knackered old rug-sucker:

The 1957 Hoover still wiping the floor with new vacuums: VINCE GRAFF meets a great-grandmother whose 56-year-old appliance is still going strong

Vince has a cup of tea and bravely poses for some camp photos:


Even the Mailites struggle to score an irrelevant political point out of it.
By Fflaps
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Note folded copy of the Mail strategically placed in the corner. Almost like a living PT cartoon!

I wonder if, when Vince Graff bounded fresh-faced from college, clutching his journalism qualification, perhaps with the ideal to change the world just a little bit, he thought that one day he'd be posing with an ancient Hoover and its smug owner?
By Big Arnold
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A fridge from the 1960s, a wind-up gramophone and a WWII shelter in the garden: Pensioner has lived in the same house all his life - and barely changed a thing ... z2eVOm9KXi" onclick=";return false;
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