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satnav wrote:JESUS H CHRIST owes me £75: Crime victim left waiting four years for compensation after crook gives name of the son of God to police

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Looks like he's an estate agent so a sad face probably wouldn't have got him a great deal of sympathy.
Just take it out of a collection plate (ok, these days you'd need several collection plates ;)). That's got to be legitimate surely.
Christian street preacher who was arrested and kept in cell for 19 hours without food after he told two gay men homosexuality is a sin paid £13,000 compensation by police

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Doesn't sound the like the police behaved very well in this instance, but you can probably guess why it's ended up in the Mail.
Pete the Brickie, Site, United Kingdom

If only our police were as proactive as this when dealing with hate preachers from foreign faiths spouting bile and encouraging terror attacks.
Victor 11, Edge of Reason, United Kingdom

So now you can't quote from the Bible without being arrested! George Orwell's '1984' is just round the corner!
I also notice "Mr Craven won his damages under the Human Rights Act quoting his entitlement to enjoy the freedom to manifest his religion (Article 9) and freedom of expression, including the freedom to impart information and ideas without interference by a public authority (Article 10)."
We don't know. We also don't know if that was the first time he'd done it or if he made a habit of it; if he really was as polite and nice to them as he makes out; the nature of the obscene gestures they made at him (he seems the type of person who thinks that a picture of two blokes leaning against each other and smiling fondly counts as gay porn). All we know is that that berk at Christian Whiny Voice is going to be fundraising off the back of this for the next 10 years.

And that the preacher looks like Donald Trump after six months' rough sleeping. (Fuck it, I'm an atheist, I get to be uncharitable.)
I know we shouldn't judge on appearances, but I can imagine him as the kind of person who would get his bible out and start pointing out passages he thinks support his anti-gay beliefs to any passers by who look or demonstrate any gayness on any level. I wish more people of any sexual preference would step in when they hear people spouting this shit to gay people in public.
Spank you very much! Dominatrix is rescued from massage parlour after landlord boarded up the building while she slept
She feels 'distraught' and says 'no one should be treated like this'
Apart from her clients presumably.

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I call bollocks on this particular story, I think it's just a cheap publicity stunt on behalf of the shop owner.

'Don't disrespect the Supreme Leader!' North Korean officials demand London barber takes down Kim Jong-un 'bad hair day' poster

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Nothing "well done" about it....his first impulse was to buckle under to these thugs and he dutifully took it down like the good spineless sheep that he is. Sadly, this salon owner is emblematic of a great many people who have no understanding of where they are living and of the laws and traditions there.
"Well Done To The Manager To Standing His Ground And Saying This Is England". Yes, not bad for a Lebanese.
Dwarf took his 5ft 7in fiancée out for a romantic meal - only to be given a children's colouring book and crayons by waitress

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