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Mother's horror after finding a rubber GLOVE in a Greggs pasty she bought for her three-year-old daughter

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Wine bar bans vicar from having a drink on Easter Sunday because he was wearing sandals

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A pity he didn't play the SadFace victim, he would have scored one million PLU points.
Couple's bemusement as Thomas Cook accidentally transfers their holiday query call through to an X-rated phone sex line

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We haven't got a section for bemused faces so it with have to be filed under happy.
Photographer: 'Right then guys, I want you to hold the phone and your boyfriend put his arm around your shoulder, That's great... that's great. Right then, can you have a bemused expression'

Couple: 'Dur... wossat?'

Photographer: <Thinks: Oh FF'sS!> 'Bemusement, it means to look puzzled'

Couple: 'Dur...'

Photographer: 'Perfect'

Passenger's outrage after she is fined £1,300 for failing to pay £2.20 bus fare - because her travel pass was two years out of date ... z3kCI2lfCZ" onclick=";return false;

I wonder why the Mail chose that particular picture to illustrate the story? She isn't even holding the ticket and pointing to it. Strangely, she seems to have forgotten to explain how it came about that she used a two years out of date travel pass for a different region.
Tearful vegan, 26, tells of her horror at eating meat for first time this year after she was accidentally served beef in Wetherspoon pub and had to make herself sick in the toilet ... n-pub.html
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cycloon wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:22 am
It's a lot cheaper to use people's social media pics.

Also, non-PLU klaxon.
Plus, you get a nice broad palette to work with, pick them without context and let the thick fuckers reading it make their own "judgements" on the kind of person you're dealing with. Saves time and effort.
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