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By The Red Arrow
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I'm veering towards being kitted out in cast-offs and hand-me-downs. Might even be borrowed kit to look presentable in a photograph. I have a photograph of a great uncle in full highland rig. He served, like quite a few of my family, in the Dorsetshire Regiment. The only possibility I can arrive at is that he borrowed it for a cool pic to send back home. I wonder if there's a confused Scot up there in The Trossachs wondering wtf Great Uncle Hamish was doing in a Sassenach uniform?

Back to the Chinese Labour Corps -

Following Mr A's input, some more scratching of the surface. ... n-front-2/

Image ... index.html
Official statistics suggest that around 2,000 men of the Chinese Labour Corps lost their lives but modern estimates place the actual number at around 20,000.
I'd have to delve into that.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I think that it is feasible that uniforms from other branches of the services would be passed on to the Labour Corps, but not from other nations. Unless it was 'liberated'. The photo has been located to Belgium, where some American divisions fought alongside the Imperial forces, so that is possible.

Have you noticed the variety in cap badges? Mr Truculent at the back right has a pukka CLC badge, sergeant front left might. I think officer front right has a different badge.

By oboogie
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I can find no reference to the US Army using Chinese labourers in WW1, only the British and French. I suppose he could simply be an American Chinese soldier, though how he came to be posing with these guys I'm not sure.
By The Red Arrow
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The US Army had black troops for the labouring gig. Although at least one 'coloured' unit was seconded to the French and served with distinction on the Western Front. ... orld_War_I ... orld_War_I
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By The Red Arrow
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"Jim Davidson" about to deliver some dazzling oratory at an unveiling of a portrait of Farage.

How one picture illustrates the shithole that this Country is!
The whole thing looks like a @Coldwar_Steve
Beyond parody.
By The Red Arrow
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It’s as honest as his hairdo.
By The Red Arrow
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You can't make this shit up.
How does a free speech union work anyway? If you go on strike do you stop talking?
You give Toby money and then free speech happens
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