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By KevS
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Monumental bellendery by several of the replies here:

To clarify. Nothing is being removed. Nothing is being destroyed. Nothing is being sold off and the proceeds being given to UNESCO.

All the NT are doing are highlighting the history of these items. They are dealing with historical FACTS.
By youngian
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Sat Aug 22, 2020 2:39 am
Titters to be had hashtag thingy

Sharon Osbourne faced similar ribbing after blurting out some Brexit balls about immigration. She was reminded that her husband wasn't even the second best singer in Black Sabbath (Ian Gillan did the honours for an album after Dio left).
By KevS
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Shilton was the footballing equivalent of Geoffrey Boycott. Nothing was ever his fault.

There is the tale of him being apoplectic with rage whilst at Derby when they once lost 7-0, blaming his teammates for everything, when apparently it could be argued four of the goals were goalkeeping errors...
By oboogie
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:58 pm
Dunno if this is true...

Wiki says it is.
A pendant writes: Don't know if the bit about the proms is true but the stuff about Hound Dog is, at best, very misleading. The song Hound Dog is indeed two years older, but by Big Mama Thornton (1952). However the hip-swivelling burger botherer didn't release his version until 1956.
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