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By Bones McCoy
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mr angry manchester wrote:
Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:22 pm
He liked her when he was in the army, yes, but moved onto other stuff later on. I remember him liking Blondie at one time, although I think Debbie Harry might have had something to do with it :D
Blondie has a lot in common with Buddy Holly, so not a hard transition for an older fan.

My Grandad really enjoyed Vera Lynn's visit when he was in the far east.
Postwar his favorite act was Louis Armstrong.
By The Red Arrow
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Kreuzberger wrote:Seventy-eight? She'll soon be catching Debbie Harry!
Yeah - she had a bit of a tut-a-thon when she caught a recent performance, although nothing compared to watching Keef's pervy grandad act with a worried looking Norah Jones. :lol:

Bones McCoy wrote:Blondie has a lot in common with Buddy Holly, so not a hard transition for an older fan.
Agreed. :)
By KevS
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From what I understand, Argos have produced an advert with an all black cast.

They have also produced one with an all white cast.

And also one with an all animated alien cast.

Can we guess which one is causing the most blubbering and spluttering?
By Kreuzberger
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TL;DR. Twat saves lives.
Kreuzberger wrote: Agreed, he is a blunt instrument. My point is that Verdi, Picasso, The Clash et al, were also blunt to the point of delivering a black eye. This brusque, simplistic delivery is what the right have relearnt after their bitter defeats of the 1940s. No one needs to be reminded that the war was not about the unfolding and very real Holocaust, rather self-preservation.

Collectively, we are failing to counter this narrative. Banksy, on the other hand, is invading public spaces with delicious technique to at least offer some semblance of challenge.
* Thousands die anonymously at sea.
* Self-proclaimed "Badass" paints rescue ship, the Louise Michel.
* Front pages are held.
* Coordinated rescue and evacuation response swings into action.

Once more for those who doubt the power of art to make a difference.
Kreuzberger wrote: Blunt works.
By Bones McCoy
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Minds certainly play tricks. *
The blue rinsers seem to have forgotten:
Out on strike at the drop of a hat.
You couldn't even bury the dead
* Especially when you're a fucking imbecile.
By mr angry manchester
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The problem with Facebook is that it is an easy, instant, user friendly outlet and it provides a mouthpiece for morons, which they didn't really have before.

The only thing they could do was write letters to the Heil/Scum/Express but most couldn't be arsed
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