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By Malcolm Armsteen
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One of her retweets is from a man who proudly proclaims
Pro Trump. Only 2 Genders. Socialists are lazy fks. Proud little Englander. @Valetudo
on Parler. FK Marxist BLM scum. Here to defend the White Man
Bet he'd wet himself if you looked at him hard.
By mr angry manchester
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One thing I tend to think is that Scots, Irish and Welsh nationalism is sort of ok, it's about their culture and the general well being of their respective areas.

English nationalism, on the other hand, tends to be far right loons like this idiotic woman.
By Cyclist
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The Celtic nations' nationalism is born of patriotism (in its' purest sense). English nationalism is is a form of insidious jingoism akin to that which drove Germany to attempt to conquer Europe 80 years ago. It is an ugly, horrible thing.
By MisterMuncher
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I was tempted to scroll back Fox' timeline to find his similarly uncompromising free-speech-purist opinions on other songs that had been edited for radio play or banned entirely.

They're in there, between the hen's teeth and the green snow
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