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By Big Arnold
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Sunday trading laws could be scrapped after the Olympics in move that would spark another Coalition rift ... z23K1UgvRj" onclick=";return false;
The Church - which regards Sunday as a holy day - is also vehemently against such a move.
By Big Arnold
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Open with caution: How that bottle of bubbly could leave you blind

In a statement released by the academy, doctors said: 'When a champagne cork flies, you really have no time to react and protect your delicate eyes.
Brought to you by the Institute Of Studies Of The Bleeding Obvious.
- Alfred, London, United Kingdom, 31/12/2012 12:32
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Tomorrow; how a fork can give you a nasty jab on the tongue.
- Peashooter Pebble, Paradise, 31/12/2012 12:22
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And if you put your hand into a fire it hurts!
- A child is for life, not just for benefits!!!, Yorkshire UK, 31/12/2012 12:49
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By karlt
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#280468 ... ead_module" onclick=";return false;

Cheapest economy products available not as nice as more expensive alternatives.

Also in this issue - bears and woods - is there a scatalogical connection? Pope "believes in God and regularly attends Mass" Shocker!
By Big Arnold
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Judge criticised by police after career burglar walks free from court despite 19 previous convictions for burglary

Let off: Vernon Davies (left) has spent much of his adult life in prison after amassing 19 previous convictions for burglary. But Judge Peter Johnson (right) hopes Davies will turn over a new leaf now he was spared jail ... z2U7e61d9X" onclick=";return false;
By lord_kobel
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I think it's just that they felt they had to put left and right to point out which one was the crim and which the judge? Might be better in a more general "pointing out the obvious" thread.

I did think this was going to be about people claiming that radical islam was "left wing"...
By ezinra
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I thought it was going to be about the socialist Cameron or those bleeding-heart Nazis.

I've a higher tolerance than most for Arnold's threads about sloppy sub-editing, but this one seems unpromising on a day when the Mail has declared, along with Tommy Robinson, the existence of a "war on the West".
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Newspapers have always done this, it's absolutely normal. They think that some of their readers aren't very bright. An assumption in which they are correct.
By Fflaps
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The well educated 'suffer more stress': Greater ability leads to higher pressure employment

Well, duh. Given that a university-educated person is more likely to be in a managerial or professional role, then of course they will. I imagine a doctor's job is more stressful than a binman's for instance.
By Big Arnold
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Why extroverts love a party and quiet people prefer a night in: It's down to what your brain thinks is a rewarding experience
Brains of introverts and extroverts differ in response to experiences
In the next headline. Shy people talk less to strangers.
- Bobbo, London, United Kingdom, 14/6/2013 18:37
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By Big Arnold
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Your cat is only PRETENDING to ignore you: How cats can understand their owners' voices but play dumb as a form of survival
Cats can distinguish their owners' voices from those of other people ... z2XRYte3Of" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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You CAN sleep with a co-worker, it's OK to lie about your past and have sex on a first date: Three modern sex myths you shouldn't believe
New studies show close proximity breeds lust. Repeated exposure to practically any stimulus makes us like it more
New? There's even a word for it. "Propinquity". ... unked.html" onclick=";return false;
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