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By Big Arnold
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She did withdraw the photo from her Twitter account. But the Mirror made sure it would always be on the Internet.
While the Mail pixelated it, the article alerted its Thai expat readers to its existence. There was no real public interest here, and I don't see that the Mail deserves any credit.

PS. The DM is now using the unpixelated photo.
By SoulBoy
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The pixel police have missed a few...

Terrible food, scratchy tracksuits, paranoid about your girlfriend and everybody hooked on heroin: An ex-convict reveals what it’s REALLY like to spend a year in prison

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By Andy McDandy
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There's a line in the prison article that goes "Despite some reports of televisions and playstations in cells...". YES! BY YOU, YOU CUNTS!
By Big Arnold
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I only went out to catch a Charmander! Late night Pokemon Go hunt turns sour for siblings when they discover a couple 'having sex' in a field

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By SoulBoy
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Prankster films moment he tells his neighbour she has been driving a 'Honda J*zz' for six weeks ever since he defaced her car (after planting fake drugs in her handbag)

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