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By Abernathy
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oboogie wrote:But he used the word to describe a female.
Can we start again? Are we referring to the cunt named Magnus, or somebody he was referring to? Cause frankly, I'm confused.
By ezinra
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Abernathy wrote:So I was right- Magnus is a misogynist, not a misandryst.
Yes, and as proof of that he made a Mailite leap by characterising feminists (and their ideological front, the erm BBC) as misandrists. (Or as misandrysts — my spellcheck hates both!) That's what Malcolm picked him up on.
Or perhaps he is just a misanthrope.
A mistake, more like.
By Bones McCoy
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Lawful Rebellion is raising its misguided head in twitter:

I can't work out whether the driver is student incarceration, masks or the Kent border.
Scrooll down a couple of pages and you come to this charmer:
A couple nobles forcing the king of Britain to sign the Magna Carta at swordpoint led directly to a class of billionaire Jewish technocrat elites who organize a public pedophilic sex trafficking operation having uncontested reign over the most powerful country in the world ... 4069289985

It seems that she did indeed die in vain.
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By Boiler
davidjay wrote:
Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:21 pm
What is it with the fash, conspiracy theorists and paedophilia as their go-to slur?
It's probably the worst crime you can be accused of.

Years ago the Malaysian press was fond of finding people guilty of sodomy (yes, really).
By Andy McDandy
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I'm reminded of a comment on one of the wikis about freemen on the land/sovereign citizens, that "they seem to think that randomly capitalising words gives them more power and authority".

On the paedophilia thing, I'm inclined to agree. "So, you're supporting child abuse?" is a hard one to back out of without looking as if you're equivocating (although hell, there are those who'd suggest that giving those accused a fair trial and then sentencing accordingly is 'being soft' - in fact anything short of a tree and rope would qualify as such to them). It's interesting that before paedogeddon really took off (late 90s?), each year saw a new group to hate - new age travellers, ravers, gypsies etc - but in all cases it was hard for the tabs to keep up the outrage. Then child abusers were decided upon, and have been our folk devil ever since.
By Killer Whale
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It's a bit more subtle than "we hate paedoes", though. It's more along the lines of "the people we hate are paedoes".
Thus, racists are fond of lies about child abuse being an integral part of Islamic culture stretching back to the prophet himself, the MAGA folks have their Pizzagate, and even otherwise reasonable UK republicans have their "Andy is a paedo" tendency. It's all a bit lazy.
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