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By Patrick100
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Sometimes they just try too hard to squeeze all the details in the headline

Millionaire on the run: How Brit-born founder of anti-virus giant McAfee ended up hiding from Belize police who 'rousted him from 17-year-old's bed and shot his dog because he's making meth'
Antivirus software is a gateway product.
Userbase who need to keep up their renewal payments.
Inhibits, or limits the normal behaviour of the host system.

It's a short journey to Meth.
From the home page
Caught on security camera: Horrific moment police officers shot a naked attacker 12 times as he chewed another man's face off, leaving victim fighting for life in hospital
They've probably taken on someone from Reader's Digest to write the headlines. Either that or the gag writer from Mad magazine who did a Mad take on a Reader's Digest version of Gone with the Wind that was subbed down to 'Fiddle-dee-dee. Boom, boom, that was a bloody war. Tomorrow is another day'.
Fozzy wrote:
Barrister son of top judge who left wife for widow of divorce lawyer killed by police is fined for having cocaine and ecstasy
Took me a few moments to disentangle who was who there.
Meanwhile, down at the queen Vic' .....
Revealed: Victim of Canadian porn star cannibal is Chinese gay lover as police reveal 'murderer' is on the run in France... dressed as a woman

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Patrick100 wrote:
Mother who killed her children in Spanish hotel room is furious as court hears DNA tests show her paedophile TV psychic lover was NOT their father
Did you get all that?
I know what the words mean by themselves, but not in that order.
'Male model throttled his Thai girlfriend after Killing Kittens swingers party in row over her having sex with another man in toilet cubicle' ... z20ENWOUEx" onclick=";return false;
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