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I'm sure Dave Gorman said that in the age of clickbait, headlines no longer tease you about what the story is about, but have to give all the pertinent facts. Making the rest of the article just a longer winded rehash of it.
Married Reading University fine art professor, 55, LOSES his four-year fight to save his job after tryst with a student half his age - as it's revealed wife he cheated on is model, 37, who starred in luxury sunglasses advert with George Clooney
Bonus points for house price and evoking Ronnie Corbett...

JLS star Oritsé Williams lets £3million London home formerly owned by comedian Ronnie Corbett fall into disrepair following rape charge... with smashed windows, an overgrown garden, a slimy green pool and discarded furniture ... harge.html
British mother who left her lesbian partner for her 'sperm donor' and went on the run for three years with her daughter is arrested landing a dinghy on Jersey - as her estranged Canadian wife celebrates at home
British mother offers police ice cream money for children as she is arrested landing dinghy in Jersey - ending three years on the run with her daughter after leaving lesbian partner for her 'sperm donor' ... ersey.html
That's the point. People don't have time to contemplate a teaser and look in to find out more. You need to sell the entire story in that first glance.

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