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This one takes the biscuit.

What has happened to Emily Lloyd? Wish You Were Here star looks scruffy and unkempt 20 years on ... rs-on.html" onclick=";return false;

This is why I hate the Mail, it's why I get angry. It isn't about sad faces or typos, it's about hatred and bullying.

A depressed woman, having a bad time but who was once famous - let's expose her for the ridicule of the Mailtards. And we'll even lack the decency and bottle to put our names on it. Absolutely disgusting. Dacre's view of women again? Or just unable to fight back?
A bucket of shit wrote:She was once a radiant and glamorous woman who wowed critics with an breathtaking debut in British film Wish You Were Here.

But as Emily Lloyd freely admits the last two decades have been less than kind to the Bafta winning actress as she faced a tragic battle with depression and insomnia.

And the daughter of Only Fools and Horses star Roger Lloyd Pack, could not look more different from her younger self as she traipsed along with her dog near her home in a rough part of Hackney, East London.
Thankfully it (and the piece of excrement who wrote it) are taking a kicking in the comments.

I wonder what Leveson would make of such crass, insensitive, dangerous and intrusive reporting of someone who has mental health problems? Public interest my arse.
By Abernathy
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:Why do you think they removed the close up photo of her shopping bag? Did they get a pulled up on it or something?

They obviously picked up some reaction on the radar. Fucking scum.
By oboogie
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Abernathy wrote:
Safe_Timber_Man wrote:Why do you think they removed the close up photo of her shopping bag? Did they get a pulled up on it or something?

They obviously picked up some reaction on the radar. Fucking scum.
But the reaction is exactly what they want.
By Big Rob
Seems to be a (proportion of the) Brit (population) thing.

I have to admit. Americans are more understanding if you look like this.

Unless of course you get welfare and other 'freebies' from the gov. Even if you are beautiful you get shit like that if you live on 'handouts'. Just something I noticed......

That said, there was nothing to be gained by printing this story except for horrible arrogant losers :cough: mailites :cough: feeling better about themselves at the expense of someone having a bad time.......
Obscure actress, hardly a public figure, actual news value nil.

Interesting that she gets this treatment every couple of years or so. There's a few other people who the Mail seems to pick on in this way - Christine Keeler for one - it's bullying plain and simple.
By Fflaps
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I like Lyn's idea
I look very different today to what I did 20 years ago and I wouldn't want my picture taken and my shopping scutinised when I was doing everyday things. Perhaps the public should follow jounalists around, take deliberately unflattering photo, post them on the internet with captions too!!!!!!!
- Lyn, Auckland New Zealand, 14/8/2012 21:19
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Caroline Flack slammed in vile piece by One Direction magazine ... z23dOgwtFe

Belongs more in the Mail hypocrisy thread really....... they go and act all outraged when another publication tears someone to shreds. Some of the stuff said about her could have been taken right out of a Daily Mail article and comments section. Although, this woman hasn't suffered severe mental illness.
By SoulBoy
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Interesting when you consider Paul Dacre's obsessive pursuit of his own privacy, dislike of being photographed and hatred of appearing in public settings...
Has anyone looked into rambling rights on his Scottish estate?
By davidjay
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satnav wrote:Somebody correctly pointed out that the can in her bag was actually an energy drink and not beer, soon after that the close up of the bag disappeared.

There are also references to vodka in the comments, which isn't mentioned in the story. Or rather, in the revised version.
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