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Headline on the DM front page -

Zookeeper is mauled to death by a lion enclosure after he forgot to lock the gate properly when cleaning its cage
Others, such as a story about a levitating alter - supposedly held up by the will of God - sound like they belong in the realms of fantasy. ... z5AVbDoFza
Prince William is spotted at Aston Villa v Cardiff City match in Birmingham. ... l#comments

He was sat alongside Norweignan footballer John Carew after being lead to his seats by club manager John Carew.
Theresa May says Britain will compensate Windrush immigrants who were threatened with deportation as she tries to diffuse the row

Theresa May has apologised for the fiasco and vowed one * will be kicked out
I wonder which poor sod has drawn the short straw? ... rants.html
Are the new healthy puds too good to be true? Nutritionist tests the latest deserts that can help you to stay slim
Sahara? Mojave? ... -true.html
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Nigel Farage

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I understand Panasonic are doing the same.

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Similar comments made on the BBC HYS t'other day.

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