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How the Catholic church 'covered up early Christian artwork depicting fifth-century women priests and bishops' for hundreds of years
(Pictured: Ivory box showing women by an alter from Rome) ... shops.html
Big Arnold wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:42 pm
Back then a one hour parking spot cost motorists six schillings, a far cry from today's fee of £4.90 per hour ... hotos.html

Well they are right about today's parking fee being a long way from 1950s amount. According the Bank of England Inflation calculator ... calculator 6 Shillings in 1950 would now be £10.10p.
By George, he looks familiar! Pippa dresses Arthur in shorts and buckled shoes just like his royal cousin's as they head out for a stroll in Chelsea
Pippa, 35, was out for a stroll with baby Arthur today in a London today ... usins.html
How I became one of the first on the planet to eat meat in a lab: This nugget could save the world, and it came from a chicken called Ian - who is still alive ... alive.html

While not recommended as good practice, I'm sure plenty of people have tucked into a pork pie or a sausage roll in their laboratory before now.
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