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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I've read the article, and it is gob-smacking.
The intention is to establish guidelines for running out-of-hours clubs and activities to ensure children's safety and wellbeing.
Big Brother powers which would see children's activities from cadets to nativity plays regulated by watchdogs are being sneaked in by the Government, campaigners fear. A consultation on how to safeguard out-of-school activities was launched last week but campaigners say it could lead to a raft of new controls which could hit the Scouts, Sunday schools and sports teams. The suggestions mirror controversial plans outlined in 2015 but then ditched which would have seen Ofsted brought in to regulate activities.
The 'fears' seem to be being expressed by one person, Sir John Hayes, who was Minister for Higher Education and Policy Gravel at the DfES 2010-1012. A man of whom it can truly be said 'he rose without trace'.


This would also include scouts and cadets. I've a dog in this fight, the worst child abuse case I dealt with in my career was a scoutmaster, considered a pillar of the community. 24 kids.
By MisterMuncher
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Isn't this a re-run of the generalised and insufficiently well explained moral panic the press had when CRB checks were first implemented?

I'm truly, truly not getting it. Honestly, without going on the "anyone touches my kids, I'll do time, speaking as a muvva" express, I couldn't give a tin shit how inconvenienced or offended anyone is by being checked over, however cursorily, before they work with kids. To go one better, anyone who finds it really objectionable is someone I'd prefer to avoid.
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By Big Arnold
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He's no SAINT Nicholas! Shopping centre apologises to parents after 'Bad Santa' rips off beard and shrieks 'get the f*** out' in front of dozens of children as fire alarm sounds ... f-out.html
By Big Arnold
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hard worker in UK, LONDON, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

Maybe because the politicians are keen to promote an anti C h r i s t i a n agenda (with the help of S a u d i , Q a t a r i or D u b a i rules who put lots of money into local m o s q u e s and their agendas) thus trying to de-personalise this country from the traditions given by our ancestors. Just look at B l a i r and try to understand as to why he thinks we are better in E U? We are talking about economic advantages for him, not because he does not realise that Britain is worse off in EU: but he does not care.
By Big Arnold
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Hark! The Herald Angel's WRONG! New version of popular carol outrages bishops by removing mention of Mary's virgin birth ... birth.html

While Shepherds washed their socks by night,
All seated round the tub,
The Angel of the the Lord came down,
And gave their socks a scrub.

And when their socks were squeaky clean,
And sparkling like a gem,
The Shepherds put them on again,
And walked to Bethlehem.

And when they got to Bethlehem,
All looking nice and neat,
The Christ child said you've got nice socks,
But next time wash your feet.
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