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By youngian
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davidjay wrote:And how early would you have to leave your house in Barcelona to get to the airport, check in, fly, leave Stanstead and get to the City for 9.30? I'm beginning to call bullshit on this one.
Four hours per day minimum? and in a City job where time is money that unlikely to be economical. And even Ryanair fares are not cheap in peak times.

I've known people who get to London on Monday morning, crash around a friends for two or three nights before returning to somewhere cheap up North or France and do a day at home.
By Big-Iain
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Paul Macklin has compared serving time for armed robbery to boarding at Gordonstoun School in Moray, Falkirk.
From an article bordering on the stupid, we hear that those cunning scots appear to have move Gordonstoun the 170 miles from Elgin to Falkirk. I suppose that the average Daily Mail reader would struggle to find either location on a map.
By Big Arnold
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During his career as a butler, he has worked for some of the UK's most lavish homes, including Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin, ... z2nTM1luMD" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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The stargazing capital of Britain: Stunning images show why the Isle of Man is best place to watch the skies
The IOM isn't part of Britain. ... azing.html" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Meep meep! Ostrich spotted dashing down country lane in TUNBRIDGE WELLS causing traffic chaos
The escaped bird was seen dashing past more than 20 cars on the main road between the villages of Rusthall and Speldhurst in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, yesterday.
They are villages 2 and 15 miles west of TW. ... z2qPMUEXFG" onclick=";return false;
By Kreuzberger
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If I'm not mistaken, Tunbridge Bells is also the area/district and if you live in one of the villages, you simply refer to the place as such. At least, that was the certainly the case with the breathtakingly wealthy brother-in-law and well before the incident with the Aston Martin in the background of the pic on, obviously.
By Big Arnold
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Outrage as actors dressed as Nazis takeover Kent airport 24 hours before 70th anniversary of D-day to film scenes for Ryan Reynolds film
Stars of new Second World War film Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds, could be seen filming at Shoreham Airport in Kent today dressed in full Nazi uniform.
West Sussex to be exact. ... z33nhvAVFD" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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Local residents today reacted in anger at the filming - which comes just 24 hours before veterans across the world honor the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

Councillor Peter Metcalfe, a war veteran who was in the army for 11 years, branded the move 'insensitive', 'shocking' and 'crazy'.
So one resident to be precise. Looking at Mr Metcalfe he looks in his 50s so what relevance his army record is as a qualification to be more upset at a Nazi flag than anyone else is not made clear.
By davidjay
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Because there always has to be one.
This is just so typical of the type of stupid, unfeeling action the BBC gets involved in under its present management. No warning, no local consutatlion, just barge in and snigger at the people who complain.
By youngian
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#373460 ... atten.html

And hot on the heels of the film controversy is a Radio 4 comedy which told a joke about Monthbatten on the eve of the D-Day commerations.
BBC criticised for 'obscene' comedy making fun of the murder of Lord Mountbatten
David Anderson, 70, who complained to the BBC, said: “I thought it was offensive at any time, but to put it on during the commemoration of D-Day is simply astounding. It was aired when the Royal Family are all in France remembering the fact that we wouldn’t have our lives if these people hadn’t sacrificed theirs and what Mountbatten did in the war.
So desperate is this article the Maily Telegraph had to resort to getting a quote off Tebbit
“It’s par for the course from the BBC and they just simply don’t discipline their people against profanity, against obscenity or sheer bad taste. The BBC is essentially left-wing and this shows they are particularly unpleasant in many ways, in their arrogance and detestation of anyone who disagrees with them.”
By Daley Mayle
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Irrespective of the timing of the broadcast making fun about a terrorist incident where innocent people, including a child, were blown to pieces overstepped bad taste down to a new level - and I like Frankie Boyle and David Mitchell.

Yeah, I know that makes me sound like a fuddy-duddy reactionary but I learned as a child that being deliberately outrageous was boorish behaviour.
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