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😯 50 % :grinning: 50 %
By The Red Arrow
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For sure - check out the turd scene from "I bought a vampire motorcycle" on youtube.

Actually now I think about it, I'd love certain editors and columnists to go that way.
By MisterMuncher
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bluebellnutter wrote:Clever as the whole Irish Sea is now EVIL, meaning that Brexit magically solves the Ireland issue as it's the other side of EVIL!!!!!
With the occasional whoopsie from Windscale, mutated, giant, b-movie evil.
By Big Arnold
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A Madame Tussauds attraction in a sleepy seaside town has been forced to apologise after asking a cerebral palsy sufferer to 'prove he had a disability'.

Liam Maxwell, 26, was on holiday with his care assistant Wendy Plant when he decided that he wanted to check out the waxwork figurines in Blackpool, Lancs. ... z596UIjrwR
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