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Arnold wrote:Another levitation photo.

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Holy shit!! Boys and one of the looks a bit light brown.
Has the mail fallen to the PC Hordes?
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And they're off...the heels that is! A day of revelry takes its toll on the ladies (and gents) at Aintree as the course is strewn with rubbish, ambulances are called and the racegoers don't seem to be able to keep their outlandish outfits on any longer!

Yep, just like with the exam results, the Mail do exactly the same story year after year. Predictable as usual. Target a few badly dressed, those swigging drink, looking pissed, pass it off as a reflection of the other 70,000 in attendance. The laziest of all Mail fare this story every year.

"...the course is strewn with rubbish". There were in excess of 70,000 people there! What do they fucking expect?? At least the racegoers don't charge 70p for their litter and put it in newsagents up and down the country every morning so the weak-minded and gullible will buy it.
Exquisiteur, Poshfuzz, Afghanistan, 13 hours ago
My god, putting aside the obvious lack of class, these women are so very ugly no amount of make up of classy attire will help their unfortunate facial features. Mother nature had a day off when these girls were born...
Caz, Kent, 13 hours ago
In my opinion - to which I am entitled - the vast majority look revolting. There's a saying; you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Many of them look like something out of a circus! A sad day for the sport of kings..............
Wankers. Love that ' to which I am entitled'.
Yes, the standard "Ha ha, let's laugh at these northern oiks trying to look classy" article. I was in Liverpool over the weekend and TBH it's a good thing I'm attached and my girlfriend is gorgeous, as I was simply amazed by the amount of totty about (in a caring non-sexist way of course).
Awwww.. Look at the Northeners trying to be like 'us'... They almost look like real people, bless 'em.... Oh.. Wait... Ewwwwwwww!

Same sort of attitude we had when I was at Chester Zoo last weekend and the chimps were acting cute, then started eating their own shit.
By SoulBoy
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Time to crack open the champagne: Record number of students are off to university after getting A-level results... but number of top grades FALLS for fourth year in a row

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Young ladies - 67

Young chaps - 14

Incredible acts of levitation - 30 (of which 7 are lads)

A joyous day for fans of the "just about legal".
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