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Now for the "It's too easy these days so as not to upset the snowflakes".


Yep, like clockwork....

Dee093, United Kingdom , United Kingdom, 37 minutes ago
It was once an achievement to have gone university but these past years it seemed anyone was able to go. It's about time exams got tougher.
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Atavist, Little Oakley, United Kingdom, 21 minutes ago
Get a job and career, not a useless degree and debt for life. thus you will also avoid the deranged campus far left, which the feckless staff won't evict. I have saved you many thousands of pounds.
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SlowDeath, None, United Kingdom, 38 minutes ago
This article fails to mention that marking standards are also made more lenient to compensate. We still have, a general year on year devaluation of university selection, since society as a whole, is dumbing down. This is because of the soppy liberals who cannot abide words like ' fail' when somebody has not made the grade.
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By cycloon
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'...Oh, yes, all too easy these days, but my little darling is delighted to be going to Oxford Brookes. He's done wonderfully well and is going to be studying architecture-related things, Estate Agency'

Sorry, total snob of my own, but I know people who fit this image to a tee. It actually happened, or near enough.

Edit: as for the commentators, is there any more perfect display of unintentionally ironic stupidity?
I'm going to stick up for Clarkson a bit here. He's actually coming from a good place when he does this but the execution is so clumsy:

Jeremy Clarkson boasts that he got a C and 2 Us in his A-levels ‘and I’m sitting here deciding which one of my Range Rovers to use today’ – but is mocked on Twitter for his ‘annual failed my exams tweet’ ... tweet.html


No comments yet, but the Mailites will probably be wanking over this and it will launch them into another "University is useless and for snowflakes" rant.

The wonderful thing about teengirls
Is teengirls are a wonderful thing
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of spring
They bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy
....fap fap fap fap fap

<goes on in this vein until the wife bangs on study door and demands to know what her husband is doing in there>
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Saw this and remembered school results.


#3 son is due to sit his exams in summer 2019.
He will fail to be photographed on several counts:
1. Male (Boys don't pass exams as any Mail reader kno.)
2. Not white.
3. Doesn't attend a fee-paying establishment.
4. Sadly- doesn't own a tank.
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