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It's time for the celebrations and the Mailites are most certainly not pleased for them:

Getting ready for university! Thousands of A-level students hit the town to celebrate or commiserate their exam results in nationwide party ... sults.html

Local Voters, England, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
No class.. !
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sawsa, Exeter, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
Enjoy it. Most will be getting a job in a call centre in 3 years unfortunately and looking at an unbelievable student loans debt that is rocketing upwards.
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EnglishCad, Canterbury Cad Towers, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
Celebrating why? The majority are saddling themselves with very long term debt. Many taking degrees in nonsense. A very expensive long term hangover which is rather apt as a large about of those loans goes on booze.
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Seanyboy, Glasgow, about 2 hours ago
Getting handed an A for a 55% pass mark? No wonder they are celebrating...
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JammyJamaican, Lets put United back into a, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago
University in the 21st century..... It is now just society's snowflake finishing school. There was a time it was about educating our smartest, now....
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They really are the most miserable and bitter cunts that infest our society.
Regardless of degree plans, they've accomplished something concrete. They're going to be mixing with people from all walks of life and getting their eyes opened. They're going to be having more sex in the next 4 months than those sad and bitter cunts get in a lifetime. Doesn't matter if they're going to Oxford or to the Grimsby institute. They earned it.
By Oblomov
MisterMuncher wrote:
Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:32 am
Meanwhile, Mailie hero Boris Johnson has a degree in Greek and Roman fairytales. Entirely useful and relevant in the modern world
More difficult than Cameron's PPE donchaknow.
You can almost sense the disappointment in the tone of this headline:

So much for harder exams! Number of GCSE pupils getting top grades RISES despite biggest shake-up for a generation as 700,000 anxious teenagers open their results ... today.html



And then the same old comments:

Tiny, South East, United Kingdom, 57 minutes ago
I'm supposed to believe that we are becoming more intelligent every year? Utter rubbish. The education system has been ripped apart, they don't care about excellence only ticking boxes and 'inclusivity'.
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lazyasfk, malaga, Spain, 57 minutes ago
when you can get a pass at 55% correct answers what do you expect the overall view to be?
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By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:28 am
Used to be 40% with some O Levels, IIRC. The current Cambridge O Level (the Gold Standard) History pass mark is 45%.
My school did a mixture of AEB and Cambridge when I took my O levels: Cambridge for maths and AEB for most else.
To explain - O Level type exams are 'norm referenced'. It is decided in advance what proportion of grades will be awarded, say 5% for 9, 7% for 8 and so on. Probably done on a distribution curve set in standard deviations and fractions of SD. All papers are then marked and the appropriate grade boundaries are set, wherever they may lie, in other words the lower mark of the mark range for the top 5% ensures a grade 9.
This makes life simple, but brings with it a great deal of fudge. The authorities can keep the top grades stable, or even reduce them, with little effort.

Exams can also be 'criterion referenced' (like GCSE, and especially coursework) - in other words if you can do differential equations or show historical empathy that puts you in the top band, and with other provable competences may lead to a top grade. This is good for knowing what a candidate can do, but is tricky for politicians as the grades continually go up as schools, teachers and students get to be more familar with the processes used in teaching and learning and continually up their game. That makes it look like exams are dumbing down when in fact, the rising tide is lifting all the ships. That upsets Daily Mail readers and the thick bastards that have run education since 2010.

Criterion referencing is how the National Curriculum (England and Wales) was assessed (until Gove fucked it up). When a student could successfully manage a specific skill or competence they could be said to have achieved that level. Amongst many other advantages it means that any teacher can look at the record of a student and know what level they have already achieved - 'Accredited Prior Learning' - and can therefore assess their zone of proximal development and plan learning accordingly. A good system, wrecked by the Tories, I was never sure why, other than they didn't understand it, and they don't trust the people who do.
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