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By Daley Mayle
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Police 'told boy dying after party brawl to get a bus to hospital': Teenager died after not getting further medical help
Officers gave first aid to the teenager, described by witnesses as dazed and bleeding.

But he did not seek further medical help and instead staggered half a mile to a friend’s house, where he was discovered unconscious the next morning.

Paramedics were called and George was airlifted to hospital where he was declared dead nine hours later.

Last night Scotland Yard said the teenager had ‘declined’ to be taken to hospital when officers spoke to him.
In summary a more accurate headline would be

Police gave first aid to teenager who refused to be taken to hospital and died the next day.

A sad case but hardly the fault of the police. ... z2dpzcPexV" onclick=";return false;
By Fozzy
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I think that rather depends whether the police are telling the truth, given that on the face of it it seems a fairly unlikely thing for the friends to fabricate.

But I could be biased because something very similar happened to a friend of my son's - he was attacked totally randomly by some nutter, who broke his nose and caused him to break a collar bone when he was knocked over. The police said he'd have to get himself to hospital, and Mr Fozzy ended up turning out to do ambulance duty when they couldn't raise his parents. Missed a surefire sadface opportunity there.
By Daley Mayle
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Good point but the article contradicts the headline.

Different take on the story by the BBC, no mention of being told to catch a bus

George Verrier death: Teenager dies after party fight
A 17-year-old boy has died of head injuries following a fight after a party in south-east London.

George Verrier was treated by officers who were called to an altercation involving about 20 people in Bromley in the early hours of Sunday.

He did not want to be taken to hospital, said police, but was found unconscious several hours later in nearby Ferndale. He died in hospital." onclick=";return false;

The Lunnun Ee-nin Stanarr makes no mention of police first aid treatment or the bus angle ... 94453.html" onclick=";return false;

The Mirror mention first aid but no bus comment ... es-2246585" onclick=";return false;

Ditto the Indy ... 94762.html" onclick=";return false;

Ditto the local rag

It's almost if... no, it can't be... almost as if the Mail has an anti-police agenda
By Fozzy
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Judges forced to adjourn cases costing tens of thousands of pounds because two gang members were being given tours of the cells
Southwark Crown Court brought to a halt by gang visits

Paragraph 12:
At least two cases were adjourned
Judge Grieve said: ‘Because of an event that is taking place involving the cells in this building, all courts have been asked to rise at 4pm.
Err, courts rise at 4.30 p.m. anyway. And earlier if they finish earlier. ... z2eqZIkXBF" onclick=";return false;
By Esqui
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Council health and safety officials dismantle Guy Fawkes night bonfire and leave 'environmental crime scene' tape behind
Officials took down bonfire and put up signs reading 'we are watching you'
Read more: ... z2jldy951o" onclick=";return false;

Nothing to do with health and safety at all.
(The Council) said there was no licence for the event and, to emphasise the seriousness of the misdemenaour, left police-style tape marking out the ‘environmental crime scene’, along with a sign warning villagers ‘we are watching you’ and threatening a hefty fine.
Citation needed on the "We are watching you" notice.
Mr Crowder said villagers had never asked the council for permission because they ‘never felt they needed to’.
And it's the council that ruined Bonfire Night? Not someone who assumed they could do whatever they wanted on council land? Any other time of the year, I bet this person would be making angry phone calls to the police if some youths were lighting a fire on the village rec.
By Daley Mayle
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Local paper gives the full story
A COUNCIL says it tried to contact the organisers of an annual bonfire before taking it away the firewood because it was suspected fly-tipping.

Amber Valley Borough Council says the people planning the bonfire should have applied for a licence to stage the event.

The annual bonfire and fireworks display has taken place on the recreation ground at Lower Hartshay, near Ripley, for more than 20 years and residents say they have never previously had any problems with their collection of firewood, and have never applied for a licence.

But, villagers say that on Friday afternoon, council officials turned up and removed the firewood, leaving, tape with "environmental crime scene" written on it.

Yesterday, Peter Makin, the borough council's cabinet member responsible for parks and refuse, said that, council officers had thought the pile of wood had been left by fly-tippers.

He said: "I was told that the bonfire had been erected on Amber Valley [Borough Council] property and I have been told the bonfire has been held there for a number of years without the council's permission.

"Someone noticed they were forming a bonfire and notices were placed around the site prior to the event asking the organisers to get in touch.

"There was some concern that if the fire brigade were going to be on strike they wouldn't be in a position to come out to a fire that was out of control."

Mr Makin said the firewood was eventually removed because the council had not received any message from anyone and had then assumed it was fly-tipping.

He defended the council's actions and said: "I think it was the right thing to do."

He said if signs were put up but no-one got in touch "they should not be tremendously surprised if the bonfire was taken away".
Read more: ... z2jlp5uDDG" onclick=";return false;

And a Sad Face for Arnold.

By Fozzy
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Court orders autistic man's teeth to be removed: Decision 'taken behind closed doors to stop him from self-harming'

An autistic young man had all his healthy teeth removed on the orders of doctors, it was revealed yesterday.
The permanent operation left the man facing the rest of his life subsisting on liquids or forced to use dentures to chew solid food.
The decision to carry out the procedure and inflict a long-term disability was not tested in a court of law or approved by a judge, according to evidence provided by lawyers who work in the secretive and controversial Court of Protection. ... z2pbRi0HpB" onclick=";return false;
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By croissantfever
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#357691 ... -them.html

Single mother-of-eight who claims £2,000 a month in state handouts has £600 of bus lane fines slashed because she says she can't afford them


Ms Buchan, whose children are aged between four months and 12 years old, receives £500 a month in state handouts and said the £600 of fines left her facing financial ruin
Having appealed on both grounds of financial hardship and that, like many who have complained, the bus lane signs are inadequate and easy to miss, Birmingham City Council has withdrawn seven of Ms Buchan's penalty notices, cutting £420 from her bill.
However, the council says she must still pay £180 after she was penalised while taking Olivia to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and received the 10 fine notices in the post more than a week later
To be fair the article also states that she receives £2000 a month and £500 a week, so it could also be an article vs article.
By Big Arnold
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Mother of Towie star is crushed to death in freak accident inside barn at her £500,000 Essex home
Ms Fowell was treated for lower leg injuries but went into cardiac arrest

Read more: ... z2uWpAhnbG" onclick=";return false;

Lead item as the headline ticks three Mail boxers.
By Big Arnold
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You plonkers! Bungling workmen accidentally recreate scene from Only Fools and Horses by dropping stately home's historic CHANDELIER

'This was an unfortunate accident that happened as the chandelier was being lowered to be cleaned.
'It was nothing like the Only Fools and Horses episode and any comparison is totally irrelevant and paints the wrong pictures.' ... z2wLVLNiG8" onclick=";return false;
By Catkins
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The headline

Father tapped son, 8, on the head with an A5 text book after he refused to do his homework is convicted of assault

The reality
The 50-year-old man from Somerset, who cannot be named for legal reasons, struck the boy while trying to improve his reading.

He then had an argument with his teenage daughter and struck her in the face, leaving her with a bleeding lip.

The father was arrested after a friend of the family reported him to police and he was taken to South Somerset Magistrates Court in Yeovil, where he pleaded guilty to two counts of assault.
By Big Arnold
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'Our business went bust after a Queen of Shops makeover': Couple go bankrupt after 133-year-old village store was 'saved' by Mary Portas on her BBC show
The store was losing £6,000 a week before Mary Portas gave it a makeover
Para 19 wrote:Her spokesman, David Wood, meanwhile, added that were it not for Ms Portas’s help, the shop might have closed even earlier.
He said: ‘Losing £6,000 a week would drive any business under ground in minutes, but they kept going for another four years, so something must have worked. We don’t give people on the show rules, it’s just advice – and they could have done something else in the four years since they met Mary.’
Headline verging on the libellous, surely? ... z30BBvOvb8" onclick=";return false;
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From the psychiatrist who’d never take anti-depressants, to the heart doctor who steers clear of statins, we reveal the medical treatments the experts REFUSE to have themselves

or; From the psychiatrist who’d never take anti-depressants and actually seems to think clinical depression doesn't exist and who's own argument against ADs rather fails to hold water, to the heart doctor who steers clear of statins at the moment though actually would take them if he was at risk of a heart attack, we reveal the medical treatments the experts DON'T TAKE UNDER SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES OR THINK ARE SOMEWHAT OVER PRESCRIBED BUT ULTIMATELY HAVE THEIR PLACE WHEN USED CORRECTLY themselves

guess it wasn't as catchy, full break down here: ... -headline/" onclick=";return false;
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