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The nightmare every parent dreads: Chilling CCTV captures moment man attempted to lead toddler away from his mother while her back was momentarily turned in shopping centre
Although it is not clear what is happening in this footage, abduction is still a terrifying issue in the UK.
Derbyshire Police revealed an 80-year-old man had come forward following the police appeal.

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lamb added: 'It appears that the man shown in the CCTV footage may have been acting with good intentions but we will be speaking to him today to ascertain the full details. ... z31D90Tdry" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Russia kills off International Space Station programme saying it won't co-operate with Nasa because of sanctions imposed over seizure of Crimea from Ukraine
Space station is set to close in 2020 after Russia announced it would refuse U.S. request to keep it open
'We are planning that we need the ISS until 2020,' said the official, who is on the sanctions list of both the U.S. and EU and recently set Russia the goal of colonising the moon.
'After 2020, we would like to divert these funds to more promising space projects ... z31dJiiB4U" onclick=";return false;
By Squeaker
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Man denied permission to adopt his own grandson because he is a smoker

Read more: ... z34vJWnqWB" onclick=";return false;
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You don't even have to read down to the article because the subheadline adds;
The judge said the grandfather's smoking was 'significant' in the context of 'his ability to give up habit-forming behaviour'.

This included a 30-year cannabis habit and worries over excessive drinking - as well as being unable to quit smoking, even with professional help.
By Big Arnold
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And there's more.
But Judge Bellamy said an assessment of the grandfather’s suitability had raised a 'number of areas of concern'.

This included a history of domestic violence, worries about excessive drinking, problems with anxiety and depression, drug abuse and smoking, the ruling said.
By Big Arnold
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Taxpayers' £1m bill 'for civil servants to hum along to Miley': Royalties paid so civil servants can listen to the radio at work

The highest spender is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The agency has paid out an £552,012 in royalties since 2009 so the radio can be played in its 299 driving test centres, 87 testing stations and one enforcement office.
So primarily for the public.
Another big spender is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, which has paid out £141,632.81 since 2009 for hold music, but says it will cut the bill
Which the staff can't hear.
A DVSA spokesman said: ‘Listening to the radio helps to keep our examiners up to date with local news, traffic and weather conditions, which can all affect the delivery of our services. It also gives driving test candidates a more relaxing environment in which to wait.
So not to entertain the staff.
None of the many HMRC offices I've worked at even had a radio. What office wants radios blaring away when the staff spend half their time on the phone? Totally unprofessional. ... z36hL4OSxC" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Family's fury over death of teenage girl who was given the sedative which killed Michael Jackson

The 15-year-old student began vomiting and fitting on November 16, 2008, and was immediately rushed to Basildon Hospital A&E.
But she died within days of being admitted due to lethal swelling on the brain.
'We have apologised for the failings in the care provided to Amie, and have since introduced a number of changes in the treatment of children and adults with neurological illness, including more regular observations.'
So SFA to do with the sedative or Mchael Jackson. ... z38W9KrWnK" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Star Trek-style smart glasses that allow the blind to see could be on sale by 2016
There are 300,000 people registered as blind in the UK who still have some remaining vision and it si estimated the glasses could help half of them. ... z39KcNHahH" onclick=";return false;
By Ejectorseat
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NHS to fund sperm bank for lesbians: New generation of fatherless families... paid for by YOU
Lesbians, single mothers and taxpayers money, oh my! A veritable banquet of bashing. Oh but:
Heterosexual couples with fertility problems who need donations as part of IVF treatment will be among the customers of the new bank.

But a large percentage are predicted to be professional, single females who decide to have a baby without a man.

And based on current trends, more than a quarter of all the recipients are likely to be gay women.
So we're actually just guessing about the lesbians.
NHS funding for fertility services, including donor insemination, is decided by regional Clinical Commissioning Groups and varies widely.

CCGs are typically more likely to fund heterosexual couples struggling to conceive rather than lesbians or single women because they are considered to have more of a medical need.
The NGDT hopes the sperm bank will be self-funding after a year.
Because, unlike the headline suggests, recipients will have to pay. ... d-YOU.html
By Big Arnold
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Why did it take police so long to find her? As Alice's parents tell of agony, questions mount for police after her body is found so close to last sighting

Last night it emerged Alice’s body had been concealed in a plastic sack and hidden underneath a pile of logs. Sources revealed the body was buried in a pit dug into the river bed and carefully covered with piles of wood to fool search teams. ... z3EzH45EiX" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Passenger 'almost faints' after being handed £1,000 bill for boarding wrong train for journey from Birmingham to London
The unnamed man, thought to be in his 40s, had been travelling from Birmingham New Street station to London Euston with a group of 38 family and friends.
So only [tappety tap] £26.32 each. ... z3FZeiyrIS" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Britain could be facing its wettest winter for 33 years warns Met Office amid claims conditions are right for series of powerful Atlantic storms
Researchers have suggested that the jet stream, which carries weather systems to the UK from across the Atlantic has become stronger, bringing sea temperatures and windspeeds which could lead to one of the wettest winters since 1981. ... z3JF1DaTV4" onclick=";return false;
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He's the Prince of Welsh! Charles shows off his language skills as he presents Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews with an MBE
Used the word 'llongyfarchiadau' which is difficult to pronounce
For a Mail hack, undoubtedly. ... z3JnTKbIM8" onclick=";return false;
By Bones McCoy
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Arnold wrote:
He's the Prince of Welsh! Charles shows off his language skills as he presents Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews with an MBE
Used the word 'llongyfarchiadau' which is difficult to pronounce
For a Mail hack, undoubtedly. ... z3JnTKbIM8" onclick=";return false;

<PaulMerton> It's easy for you to say that! </PaulMerton>
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Claiming that it would be easy for an English speaker to pronounce is a bit of a stretch. In fact it's a 'who are you kidding?'

or even 'Are you having a llaugh?'
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