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By Esqui
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A thread for the (admittedly few and far between) articles where the Mail doesn't quite tell you everything.
A very happy meal: Teenagers pranksters took their own cutlery, tablecloth and wine glasses and even CANDLES to McDonald's
Take this story about these "Teenage Pranksters". A couple of teenagers who took along a tablecloth, wine glasses and tealights to McDonalds for a meal. A wonderful light-hearted story...boys will be boys, eh?

But wait...

Boyfriend? (Though as I've just read that they were only pretending to be gay). That certainly won't fit in right at the mail.
By Snowflake
#562554 ... aring.html
June Whitfield, 93, admits she can't stand TV anymore as there's 'too much sex and swearing' and you 'can't make a joke out of anything'
By Laura Fox For Mailonline
Published: 23:50, 28 December 2018 | Updated: 17:59, 29 December 2018
By Snowflake
Did James Cracknell break lockdown rules? Olympian posts then swiftly deletes picture visiting his parents. ... rents.html

Many have possibly seen this already but wanted to post in the main board. Got them, bang to fucking rights, and the Mail deleted their own shopped picture pretty swiftly as well.
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