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By Bones McCoy
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I may be in a minority here, but I quite like the guy.

Condemned form a young age to the untimate "spare wheel" job.
Could have been a bit more diplomatic.
But when it comes to stunt-driving a white Fiat uno he's the greatest.
By Daley Mayle
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Concerns about Phileep caused a few wobbles in Mayle Mansion I can tell you. Two eldest grandkids are doing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards wossname. They'd have been gutted if they had to redo it but under a different name.

That's a point, which of the von Windsors will be up for the post when it becomes vacant? Harry looks a safe pair of hands.
By Abernathy
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I can't help wondering how Phil will fill his days now, without the mad whirl of declaring things open, waving at people, asking them if they've come far, and eating free lunches and dinners.
By KevS
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After this mornings shenanigans, if I was in charge of the Buckingham Palace press office, I'd put 3am urgent messages hinting at news to come all the time - even if it was just news that Prince Edward was opening a fete. I'd give it two weeks before Witchell self combusts.
By youngian
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Tony Benn in a late night radio interview years ago was saying that Philip told him he didn't like the European project as it may reduce him to the status of an irrelevant regional Germanic monarch from whence he came. A bit over the top but I guess he craved stability given the mess of history his family were caught up in.
William and Charles have already been put in the hit list for various reasons - mainly criticisms of the press but also not so subtle comments regarding Brexit.

So it was just the Queen herself and Harry who were deemed acceptable but after a handful of warning shots fired at him over the last few months, it seems Harry has now been declared as a target by the tabloids.

Wednesday in The Sun:

JANE MOORE For Pete’s sake Prince Harry, it’s time to recognise your privilege and put up or shut up ... r-shut-up/

And now today in the Mail:

Harry and Co should be careful what they wish for. If they are so reluctant to be Royals do we really need them anyway? ... h-for.html

I'm sure the interview that got them so riled was over a week ago. Yet they're still fuming. Although, what this is really about is his criticisms of the press. As has been mentioned on here a few times, I think once the Queen has gone, the Royal family are in for a sustained attack from The Sun and Mail.
I agree with that. The sewer press are OK with Brenda because she's so deeply boring that she doesn't attract any kind of controversy. The younger members, and I include Charles in this, are less so.

The crazy thing is, the royals could then start to get a bit of sympathy and support from the left. The enemy of our enemy kind of thing, anyone who the Heil/Scum hates cant be all bad.
Plus the Queen is one of the few tangible things in modern Britain which still relates to the war years, once she goes that time when Britain was actually great skips even further out of view.
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