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Ideologically, I'm not in favour of the monarchy, as I feel its a long obsolete hangover from the middle ages, or earlier, and we should have moved on from this kind of stuff long ago.

However, in the current situation, I think any attempt at phasing them out would be a mistake, as in the grand scheme of things they are really a sideshow. I don't think there would be the political will, or support, to do this so I would leave them alone.

Also, they might start to attract the ire of the bog roll Dacre/Murdoch hate machine and this could backfire on the cunts.
Royals will regret turning into Keeping Up with the Kensingtons: SARAH VINE says the conduct of the young royals smacks more of celebrity than royalty ... -Vine.html

My worries over this vulgar Hollywoodising of the young royals, by MAX HASTINGS ... oyals.html

JANET STREET-PORTER: The Royals used to be all about pomp, ceremony and dislike of the press. Now William and Harry want us to share their pain and rejoice in their romantic passions – but please don’t intrude on their privacy ... oyals.html

This is so brazen and bare faced hypocrisy even for the Mail.

They've spent fuck knows how long scrabbling around for every single bit of detail about the young Royals, Harry especially. Ran countless pointless articles about them and even provoked Harry into telling them to back off.

Then, after possibly a year(?) of silence from Meghan Markle and Harry on their relationship (much to the annoyance of the Daily Mail), Meghan Markle finally comments in an interview. She simply stated that they are a couple in love.

The Mail seem to have jumped on this with a distinct "gotcha" tone to it. They're now accusing them of turning the monarchy into a soap opera and being too media friendly. It really is beggars belief. It's like they're still so bloody butt hurt after being told to fuck off by Harry and William that they've been seething and seething, waiting for a chance to pounce.

I think it's fair to say that the Mail's dislike of the Royals (except the Queen and Phil) is now official policy.
Is Harry trolling the Daily Mail now? :lol:

But what would granny say? Prince Harry criticises ‘older generation’ for relying on the stiff upper lip and bottling up mental health problems ... blems.html

He's right in what he's saying, of course. This will seriously hit a nerve with the Mail and its readers, though!

Steve064, London, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
That generation of your Grandmother fought a bitter war for you and your generation. Giving your generation the chance to moan about everything. And haven't your generation made a good job of it. And just maybe they didn't have time to feel sorry for themselves they had a country to rebuild.
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pensionista, Kent UK, 11 hours ago
I think Ive heard enough of these two for quite awhile,not interested
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By youngian
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Oh fuck off. Top toadying from the Telegraph

Prince George reveals what he wants for Christmas in handwritten letter to Father Christmas

The Duke of Cambridge has handed over his son's Christmas list to Santa Claus, revealing the one thing Prince George wants to get under the tree.

During a trip to Finland, Prince William laughed as he handed over the hand-signed note while visiting a Christmas market.

The Duke was seen enjoying traditional festive market in the centre of Helsinki which will gave the royal the chance to meet Finnish residents and Father Christmas.

Prince George wrote that he wants one thing for Christmas - a police car.

The four-year-old also indicated that he has been well-behaved this year, circling that he was "nice" rather than "naughty".

The Duke of Cambridge is enjoying his second day of a tour of Finland, during which he met former US vice president Al Gore in Helsinki when the campaigner opened the tech festival Slush.

During this, he tried out virtual reality goggles, and eyed a pair of hobby horses, perhaps thinking of Christmas presents for his children. ... er-father/" onclick=";return false;
By Catkins
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PleasepleasePLEASE let this be true!!! :lol:
There's a mixed race kid in my son's school who has beautiful caramel skin and a magnificent auburn afro. Please please please let the spawn of Harry and Megan look like this as Mail readers will have a stroke.
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By Daley Mayle
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Catkins wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:02 am
PleasepleasePLEASE let this be true!!! :lol:
There's a mixed race kid in my son's school who has beautiful caramel skin and a magnificent auburn afro. Please please please let the spawn of Harry and Megan look like this as Mail readers will have a stroke.
Is it racist to suggest that many mixed race people are disproportionately better looking than those of a shallower gene pool?
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By KevS
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What we need really is for the Queen to abdicate, and Chaz, Will, George, Charlotte and (to be confirmed) all renounce their title, thus giving us HM King Henry IX and Queen Meg. And therefore their offspring to be heirs.

Can we combine the Coronation along the wedding? Ideally on the same day Sadiq Khan becomes Prime Minister and cancels Brexit. The Mail readership would be wiped out overnight.
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