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If this is a PR attempt to defend Prince Philip then it has failed badly:

Prince Philip WAS dazzled by the sun: New photographs show difficult driving conditions at junction where Duke of Edinburgh had his crash ... crash.html


Rorschach, Leicester, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago
The sun is in front of you. You come to a complete stop. Turn to look for in coming traffic and shield your eyes with your hand. If you are unsure DO NOT pull out. Only pull out when you are entirely sure it is safe to do so. He's guilty of dangerous driving and should be prosecuted.
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juno1944, Manchester, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago
Absolute nonsense. If he stopped at the junction and the Sun was straight ahead, then checking for oncoming traffic either from the left or right, means that either his left ear or right ear would be facing the Sun. NOT HIS EYES. Stop making excuses for this selfish old man.
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sc3994, Westminster, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago
Stop making excuses for the old duffer, he should not be driving, full stop.......
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By Big Arnold
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I had the same reaction. It doesn’t look as if the sun would have bothered anyone driving out of the minor road. It looks as if the tree would have blocked the sun. And the photo was taken from a higher point to the right.
If I didn't know better I'd think the snapper carefully chose that height/angle to make a point...

Also, the fact that the sun is shining today is no indicator of whether or not it was shining at the time of the incident.
We know William and Harry are now despised but Philip was one of the last Royals the Mail and Mailites liked, being a racist old man and all. It seems that's changing, too:

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Oh dear. I don't think we'll be seeing any fawning over Charles for this:

Charles wades into Brexit: Future king will urge politicians to protect Britain's historic 'bond' with Germany ... rmany.html

In what may be seen as a push for a softer Brexit, the heir to the throne will point out that the two nations have transcended years of conflict to become friends and partners.

And he will say he hopes any future relationship stays strong for the sake of young people today and generations to come.

Frustratednation, Banbury, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
Historic bond ?? Even our future king is selling us lies now
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The Truthseeker-, Somewhere, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
The Royals really should stay out of politics. If he is really pushing for a softer Brexit as a member of the establishment, it will do him no favours. The people voted in the biggest referendum ever held and are still waiting for a real Brexit, not a half in, half out deal.
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Snowy the Goldfish, Southampton, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
So now the royal family would rather give in to the EU instead of making our proud country great in its own right. Shame on you.
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By youngian
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Oh dear. I don't think we'll be seeing any fawning over Charles for this:

R4Today was sniveling over this post Brexit diplomatic masterstroke this morning. As a wag on Twitter put it; The English are just Germans who haven't learned their lesson.
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