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If a mode of transport, more often than not a plane, encounters some sort of difficulty (engines blowing up, terrified passengers and the like), said mode of transport is invariably 'stricken'. And anyone with cancer or who is grieving is 'stricken' too.
Reading back through the "middle-class" thread, I found one that applies to the writers and readers alike - all taxes that we don't like (which is to say, the ones where we have to pay money) are "stealth taxes". This is even true if they were announced in the budget, discussed at length on the news, decked in ribbons and jewels and adorned with a bright sign to say "LOOK! A TAX!"
Tax-related, anything involving cars and money (car tax, parking tickets, petrol duty, speeding fines etc) is 'modern day highway robbery', complete with Dick Turpin reference.

The 18th/19th century really does seem to be the foundation of the collective folk memory.
Advice - DIKTAT.
Recommendation - DIKTAT.
Guidelines - DIKTAT.
Suggestion - DIKTAT.
Awareness campaign - DIKTAT.

Actual orders to do/not do something on pain of arrest - new rules.
Channels = wears the same colour dress as someone long dead.

It's gorgeous George! Kate channels Diana in regal red as she arrives in windy Wellington... but her baby prince steals the show
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