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JFK? Wasn't he a famous sailor? Only 40% of children know the famous names airports are named after (and a third think Gandhi was a Disney character)

British Airways quizzed 2,000 adults and children on their airport awareness
10% of adults think Venetian explorer Marco Polo was a fashion designer
One in 10 children believed Ronald Reagan was really Ronald McDonald
He was wasn't he?

My 80 yr mum will be tutting at this although she knows far more about Cheryl Cole than Stanley Baldwin or Einstein.
By Bones McCoy
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JFK? Wasn't he a famous sailor?
Not only a sailor, but a rather heroic one, as demonstrated by hist citation for the Navy and Marine Corps medal.
Not one of those made up honourary ones for commanders in chief, but one earned rolling up his sleeves and getting extremely wet.
For extremely heroic conduct as Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat 109 following the collision and sinking of that vessel in the Pacific War Theater on August 1–2, 1943. Unmindful of personal danger, Lieutenant (then Lieutenant, Junior Grade) Kennedy unhesitatingly braved the difficulties and hazards of darkness to direct rescue operations, swimming many hours to secure aid and food after he had succeeded in getting his crew ashore. His outstanding courage, endurance and leadership contributed to the saving of several lives and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.
By Big Arnold
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Just 16 per cent recognised Pat McCarran from Las Vegas, and only 15 per cent knew that Sydney airport was named after Australian Aviator Charles Knutsford-Smith.
That seems impressive to me. The first name rang a slight bell, but not the second. I'd look them up if using the airports, but they aren't household names.
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