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I don't see it so often these days, but I've read plenty of books where the first word(s) of each new chapter are capitalised. Anyone know what that's all about?
Done long time. Holdover from early printing, copied from manuscript.
Brazen burglars break into restaurant and make off with £24,000 worth of DEEP FAT FRYERS ... z4EJZVVCGE" onclick=";return false;
Jealously, learning to share and arguing EIGHT times an hour: Hilarious brothers and sisters star in a new documentary on how siblings REALLY interact
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Brazen burglars break into restaurant and make off with £24,000 worth of DEEP FAT FRYERS ... z4EJZVVCGE" onclick=";return false;

Well, yeah, they're a high value item and second-hand kitchen appliances are in huge demand. Hardly worth such dramatic delivery.
Another annoying thing is when the webpage text suddenly gets incredibly small It's not for emphasis; it's just incompetence.
I always imagined they were written by someone with no volume control, who just randomly shouted words in a sentence.

In reality it's probably goes back to typesetting and the fact that it may have been the only way to emphasize a word in a headlines.
Grammar Man strikes again! The mystery superhero who corrects MISSPELLED GRAFFITI

Caped crusader takes on literary louts with marker pen
But he makes his own errors with unnecessary use of capital letters
UPDATED: 11:16, 6 August 2011 ... z4EUiG1LyE" onclick=";return false;
No wonder she said yes! Inside the private Mediterranean island, complete with 60ft pool and a LIGHTHOUSE where Welsh footballer Gareth Bale proposed to girlfriend ... riend.html

Because having a lighthouse on the island is a big shock.
I think it must be down to the pathological need to supply content and get clicks. Make the mundane sound awesome by capitalising things, anything that's even vaguely out of the ordinary.

It's not just the Mail who did it. A few years ago, Charlie Brooker wrote that one could have endless fun by tweeting, say, "I'm in a HELICOPTER!" and seeing how many people took the bait. Might have something to do with the general perpetual adolescence thing too.

British pensioner, 71, is BOILED ALIVE after falling into scorching liquid mud while photographing geysers in Bolivia ... livia.html

He actually died on the way to hospital.
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