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Well, they didn't say "boiled to death" I suppose. [tangent] I'm reminded of Prince Harry sentencing Prince Edmund for Witchcraft. "The punishment that the law decrees for this offence is burning to death, but in view of your previous good character I am minded to be lenient. Therefore I sentence you to be burned alive!" [/tangent]
I get that they want to put emphasis on the surprising contents of a fish's stomach but they really haven't got the hang of it:

Fisherman's shocking discovery as he cuts open a fish's stomach and pulls out pieces of plastic - including bottle tops, a COMB and a cigarette LIGHTER ... omach.html
I'm becoming a fan of Eighteenth Century Capitalization.
It shows you where the Nouns are. In the Modern Age this is Important, because the modern Style is often to use Nouns as Adjectives, so that Confusion and Misunderstanding may Result.
In the layers of dust in my brain (of which there are many) I can hear the headmaster of my junior school taking us for English and discussing the capitalisation of nouns*. This'd be about 1975...

Personally, I think we should restore the long S - 'ſ' - to the English language.

(* ... -centuries)
When did this distinction between proper and improper nouns start anyway? (In German, we don't have to deal with all that.)

Gothic bollocks is still here in olde towne place names and pompous menus but that is the long and short of it.
Gay couple who KISSED in a curry house during their Valentine's night meal storm out after the boss told them it was a 'family-friendly restaurant' ... urant.html

Capitalising 'kissed' suggests the idea of the two men kissing is shocking. So, in the case, perhaps it's intentional by the Mail.
Moment 'stolen' £50,000 Audi smashes into wall in horror crash that ejects driver, sends tyre rolling down the road and leaves a box of rifles and a SAFE lying by the crumpled wreckage ... river.html

If they insist on capitalising something in this headline I'd have thought it'd be the rifles rather than a SAFE.
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