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By KevS
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Well, off we go again.

You know at the start of Stingray when Marineville goes to red alert, and hunkers down for the effort ahead, "anything can happen in the next half hour" and all that? That's Northcliffe House, right now.
By The Weeping Angel
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Remember to get your thinly veiled racist hot takes, get them while there hot. ... d-showbiz/" onclick=";return false;
Obviously, seventy years ago, Meghan Markle would have been the kind of woman the Prince would have had for a mistress, not a wife. Things have changed. She’ll now be the apotheosis of the union of showbiz and royalty, with a glorious subsidiary cast of embarrassing relations. But, like every self-respecting member of the acting profession these days, she’s got liberal political views. In an essay for Elle magazine last year, she wrote:
By youngian
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I don't know much about the young lady in question m'lud but I notice she is called Meghan and not Megan as 30K Twitter arse lickers appear to think she is called.

DefCon Disaster Dave has peaked his head over the trenches for some royal toadying only to be machine gunned ... start=6090" onclick=";return false;
By Messianic Trees
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The Mail's lead story:



Introducing the Duchess of Sussex! The title Meghan Markle is expected to take when she weds her prince (and Harry WON'T lose his place in line to the throne because she's a divorcee)
Meghan is expected to become a Duchess after the couple are given dukedom
The title of Sussex is likely as it has not been filled by a royal since 1843
The title of 'princess' is only bestowed on those who are born into royalty
Meghan's status as a divorcee won't pose a threat to Harry's royal status
Charles and Camilla - both divorcees - set a precedence when they wed in 2005

Read more: ... ussex.html" onclick=";return false;
Bristolbeau, Bristol, United Kingdom

Absolutely scandalous, a catastrophic choice of the wrong woman, the British love affair with the Royal Family is coming to an abrupt end!!
Faye025, Sussex, United Kingdom

I have lived in Sussex all my life and our lovely county can live without this attention seeker as our Dutchess.
By mr angry manchester
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Sad bastards. My interest in the royal family is precisely zilch, apart from the fact that Kate and Megan would both get a game.

None of it matters one single iota, what is the point of all these utterly meaningless titles? as Dayley said, bread and circuses
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