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Well with only just over 2 hours of voting time left, it could not be closer.

In joint second place, we have Sadfacer 16 : Gorilla Woman, Sadfacer 8: Block Paving Guy, Sadfacer 20: Trampoline Tragedy Family, and Sadfacer 40: Giant pound coin shoolgirl.

But out on his own, by a midgie's dick, is Sadfacer 44: Swollen Tum Guy.

Exciting, eh?
I can now exclusively reveal that the dead heat for the title of Mailwatch Sadfacer of the Year 2017 is between:
The lad pissed off because his school said that he mustn’t shave his bonce to support a cancer charity:


And this guy, frankly a right cunt who thinks he’s entitled to put his manky feet up on train seats whenever he likes :


How shall we decide on a winner?

Well, here it is. I invite you all to submit witty and amusing captions for each of the two tied sadfacer pics. The winner then adjudged (by me) to have the most amusing caption will take the 2017 title.

But I might just make the young lad the winner because the feet bloke is such a massive cunt. Decision in a couple of days.

I know some were rooting for gorilla woman. She missed out on making it a 3 way tie by just one point.
I've not voted yet and don't intend to, but I'd point out that head shave lad is trying to do something positive with his intended gesture. Shoes man is just a cunt and more deserving of the prize.
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By Fozzy
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Was a final decision ever made on this? I missed it, but on the footing that the award has to go to the person who has made the most enormous git of themselves, my vote would have to go to swollen stomach man. Honourable mention to the bloke who thinks he has a right to a house solely-owned by his ex wife.
I’m glad you’ve brought this up, Fozzy. It’s been an unsettling few weeks with no-one having made a decision. And it doesn’t bode well for Sadfacer of the Year 2018 while we’re in such disarray.

Being a staunch admirer of Gorilla Woman, I agree with Arnie’s Alternative Vote suggestion.
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I've now dressed myself up as Arlene Phillips (my god these knickers aren't half cutting into me), and I will now adjudicate on the winner of Sadfacer of the Year 2017.

Whoever said that head-shave boy was at least trying to do something good-hearted was right. He's clearly not enough of an outright cunt to be a true Sadfacer champion.

Swollen stomach/feet on the seats guy is, on the other hand, clearly an ocean-going, copper-bottomed, self- centred, Littlejohn fan-club badge-wearing, Daily Mail reading cunt of the first water. But I'm not going to give him the satisfaction.

Instead, Brucie, I, Arlene Phillips, have decided to award the Mailwatch Sadfacer of the Year 2017 title to Gorilla Woman !!!!

I hope this will prove a popular decision.
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