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The time-saving healthy meals that contain just FIVE ingredients (and some cost as little as 70p a serving)

BBC Good Food shares four recipes exclusively with FEMAIL ... cipes.html

Try searching for Chorizo and Pea Risotto, Smoked Mackerel & Leek Hash with Horseradish, Curried Cauliflower and Lentil Soup or Red Pepper Linguine to see just how exclusive these recipes are.
By SoulBoy
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Train packed with 300 passengers derailed because train companies hadn't checked 120-yard stretch of decaying track - with each thinking it was the other's job

EXCLUSIVE: The stretch of track that caused the derailment ignored since 1994 ... -1994.html

In the case "exclusive" appears to mean "a matter of public record", reported widely in local and industry press and almost two weeks old. ... ember-2017
By Watchman
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I should imagine, particularly in the rail track example, the Mail agenda is to use the word to convince the readers that only the Mail is investigating and highlighting such things; trust us dear readers!
By Big Arnold
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The failure of Network Rail and rail companies to work effectively together – and their tendency to blame each other when something goes wrong – has been identified as a big problem by the government.
Remind me. Who privatised the Railways?
Jeremy Corbyn.

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