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I've never had a GP as such. People in Mail/tabloidworld and on the telly seem to have one. In my experience, you book an appointment at the doctor's surgery or medical centre and see whoever is available on the day. The GP seeing you accesses your info on the computer, and pre-computer they would have been given your paper files by reception/admin in anticipation of your visit. I suppose you could see the same GP if you asked but this may delay your appointment if he or she isn't in.
By Big Arnold
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eloracbmulp, Manchester, United Kingdom, 5 minutes ago

Sorry.....send him to the guardian.!

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Bydand, Anywhere, Germany, about 2 hours ago

Thomas is simply abysmal as a cartoonist. He should try to find a new job.

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Christina, Gloucester, about 3 hours ago

How is this funny? But at least it's not as s 1ck as yesterday's tasteless, cruel effort.

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Here2Eternity, Utopia, United Kingdom, about 4 hours ago

By Abernathy
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:34 am
Never mind about knives, that huge pane of glass in the corner can't be very safe.

Ahh, it's about knives?

Who knew ?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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You had to recognise that the badly-drawn blue objects were stab vests.

Good way to increase unnecessary levels of anxiety* in parents, there, Paul. Well done, you.

*number of stabbings in primary school playgrounds = 0.
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