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By Safe_Timber_Man
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'The judges said it's more of a trench than a garden...'


Stevo, Chester, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
This is pathetic. Who on earth thinks any of this guy's cartoons are funny? They are consistently awful. Not worthy of media space. No wit, sarcasm, observation, caricature, no nothing. Dull.
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Nothappyaboutthis, Utopia, Kyrgyzstan, 49 minutes ago
Hands up anyone who understands this cartoon. It has no relevance and isn't in the slightest bit amusing. Seems like this guy is more bothered about his drawings than making a significant point. How much longer DM?
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By Abernathy
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Wed May 22, 2019 8:30 am
'The judges said it's more of a trench than a garden...'

Well, the judges are right. It definitely is more of a trench than a garden. Wonder where the joke is?
By Cyclist
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The best thing you can do with that cartoon is *not* over-analyse it. Just glance at it, say "That's shit", and move on to something more amusing with a hard-hitting political message.

Like the Dulux colour chart.
By Bones McCoy
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Theresa's protecting her loyalists against the forrin and coloured foliage that threatens to over-run them.

No I haven't a scooby what sort of fortification that is.
Maybe the bit in the middle protects that lectern that she used to set up outside #10 - back in the days before her inverse Midas syndrome achieved a 50 metre range.

No idea what that passageway behind is either.
* It might be the down partner of the giant escalator that David Niven went up.
* It could be a waste disposal unit.
* Or the gaping maw of hell.

If it's supposed to be a World War 1 trench dugout, then it's a German one.
And it's supposed to start off inside the trench.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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He's not deterred by the criticism and churns out something equally as crap:

PAUL THOMAS on... Tories' train crash EU election

Jenny Ross, Southampton, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
I don't like the word 'populist' - sounds a bit left wing to me - what's wrong with 'popular'? Either way - a terrible cartoon, not even satirical.
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JammyJamaican, Lets put United back into a, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Isn't populist just a phrase used by progressive liberals who feel threatened by views that differ from their own. When does populist become mainstream.....?
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inkblob, guildford, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Get a proper cartoonist DM.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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I don't think a huge amount of thought went into this. Unless Corbyn has some sort of past history with flies I don't know about then this seems to lack depth, to say the least. Unless Paul is making a subtle reference to flies buzzing around a pile of shit, which I doubt.

PAUL THOMAS on… Donald Trump swatting away Jeremy Corbyn

By SoulBoy
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I thought Pigsy from Monkey* used a rake, not a fly swat, as a weapon.

*Japanese TV adaptation of "Journey To The West", broadcast in a teatime slot on the Beeb in the eighties, M'lud.
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