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By Abernathy
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It's an interesting game to play with the Thomas cartoon to try to guess what the hilarious caption is going to be before you scroll down to reveal it.

With this one, I had not the remotest fucking idea. It's still about as funny as a syphilitic sphincter.
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By The Red Arrow
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You ignorant fools! He's toying with you.

Obviously an overtly inspired cry - nay! a scream - to get us out of the political mess within which each and every one of us has become powerlessly embroiled.

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By Big Arnold
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PAUL THOMAS on... growing list of carcinogens
There weren't any King Edward potatoes them. They date from 1902.


The comments system seems to have gone wrong.
Brabant, BREDA, Netherlands, about 2 hours ago

that is an excellent way to keep the rich rich. The properties elderly own were bought for reasonable prices, seems unfair to a younger generation

Jenny Ross, Southampton, United Kingdom, 39 minutes ago

What a stupid remark! It's all comparative - our house cost 3,500 in 1972 at a time when my husband was earning about 30 pw, if I remember rightly, and I was not working. At that time, a wife could not be part of the mortgage.

sensiblegirl, london, United Kingdom, 35 minutes ago

It was more costly in real terms to own a property 30-40 years ago than it is today. Wages were very low even taking account of inflation in the Seventies and beyond and people had nothing! Most didn't even have a landline in their homes as they couldn't afford one. Contrast that with today! When young people spend vast sums on holidays, going out, homes, cars, phones, kids, dogs, and constant partying.
By SoulBoy
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PAUL THOMAS on... Shaky UK-US diplomacy


More back-to-front flags and a massive sign in front of the building. I bet Paul had so much fun putting in all that brickwork.
By Cyclist
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youngian wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:33 am
“Trump’s parked his tanks on the ambassador’s lawn. What shall I draw to convey that metaphor in an amusing way?”
Whatever you come up with Ian, it's got to be better than the example above.

Yes, I did see the quotation marks. I know you're trying to look inside PTs head, but don't bother. There's obviously not a lot in there
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By The Red Arrow
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1) Thomas still having trouble knowing the difference between big people up close and small people far away.

2) Those U.S flags are - as noted - flying the wrong way. Don't let the trumpanzees see that - they'd be demanding a resignation for that insult.
By Abernathy
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Meanwhile, Boris (I think it's Boris, but it might be Paul Daniels' ghost) is having trouble with the world's largest hand grenade......
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