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By SoulBoy
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Classic P. T. Prison cartoon. Note the mirrored floor and the "done bird" tattoo. When two old codgers are sat at home, putting words in the mouth of a celebrity to imply the celebrity agrees with the Express/Mail's line, they have a huge CRT telly but our cushy prisons get faaancy flat screens.

I see we now get a rat, to add to the birds, foxes, horses and dogs we've already seen, but still no squirrel.
By SoulBoy
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AOB wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:56 am
And a phone straight out of the 1980s.
In P.T.'s world push button phones have a 4x3 rather than 3x4 layout. It must get very confusing.

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By Big Arnold
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When the early critics suggested this cartoonist had flaws...Poor jokes, over elaborate cartoons, etc, I started to take note of each days offering. I am sorry to say that it is NOT good enough. The jokes are not funny, too complicated visually and obvious in their punchlines. He needs to check out some of the essays on what makes a good joke/ punchline. Mostly it is surprise followed by recognition that this is a fact we all know and shocked to realise is a truth....hence the laugh

Loads of folks write funnier comments to your articles than this numpty !

Appalling cartoon. Yet again. Whoever hired this guy should be taking a long, hard look at themselves.

DM, please find a cartoonist that's clever, can draw, does not sink so low as to find humour in a tragedy and is funny. This guy fails on all points.

The object of a cartoon is to laugh at something. Mac had that ability. This cartoon can only bring grief and sorrow to the family of Charlotte Brown. Killing someone and then evading justice is NOT remotely funny.

Complete absence of subtlety, and humour.
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By SoulBoy
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Jenny Ross, Southampton, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Mac was never crass
Really? Were there two Macs, one who didn't draw big nosed Jews, swarthy foreigners and black men with curly hair and big lips and also the Daily Mail cartoonist?
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