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By mr angry manchester
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When the boot is on the other foot they don't like it. They used to rant on about "unions holding the country to ransom" but when there was that fuel protest in about 2000 and the country was in danger of grinding to a halt, which was largely ranty Daily Mail types, that was OK
By Andy McDandy
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Yes, ditto the countryside rally. I remember the Express describing Otis Ferry's condom filled with powder Commons attack as a "daring stunt", a description I don't think they'd apply in other circumstances.
By mr angry manchester
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Anyone else think we are on the first few steps towards a totalitarian state where opposition is not permitted?

I always thought that Thatcher was aiming at one, witness her crawling up Pinochet's arse, but even the Tory party eventually came to the conclusion that she was going too far and ditched her. Now we have the far right in the ascendant and they will not allow anyone to stand in their way.
By youngian
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Thatcher pulled strokes but she was essentially a small state Victorian liberal that understood the separation of powers, the parliamentary system and shunned the demagoguery of referendums. May is moving to nativist authoritarian nationalism which she promoted as home secretary by attacking the HRA. Probably for similar reasons as Corbyn; a dimwit populist who doesn't think through consequences.
By Andy McDandy
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It's been coming for a while. I've read memoirs of journalists where they stressed absolute neutrality in news reporting, down to measuring how many column inches a Tory or Labour MP got to express their view, and made sure their opponent got the same. Editorials were another matter, but in news coverage, impartiality and fairness ruled. There was also an understanding that even if you disagreed with something, your opinion was just as valid, subject to fact checking and so on.

Nowadays, to disagree with a position - particularly one taken by "the right" (although there are those on the left who are no better) - is seen as utterly wrong. One is expected to back a given position 100%, or more accurately back a side. So the "right" opinion is basically whatever the person we're cheerleading is espousing today. Even if yesterday it was completely different. Also we've moved from "X is wrong but they have a right to their opinion" to "X is wrong and should not exist".
By Andy McDandy
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It's anything that spoils their view of what the world should be like. To them, farmers should be hairy-handed sons of the soil, Farmer Palmer types in touch with nature and the stout defenders of ye olde England. When they discover that farming is a business like any other, and that if the bottom line's under threat that trumps any other concerns, they suddenly lose their enthusiasm.

What gets to me though is the sheer pursuit of mediocrity they seem to embody. Shop boys indeed. Too rich, too poor, too rural, too urban, too young, too old, too well educated, too poorly educated, too anything - it has to be run down. I once guessed that the typical Kipper was the sort of person who just about got through school on retention of facts and superficial charm until about the age of 14 when it all got real and the smart kids shot past them. They then spent the rest of their lives seething with resentment while trying to assert themselves as the big fish in whatever pond they ended up in.
By Bones McCoy
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ByzantineEmperor, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
It's important for the remainians to know when they're beaten. British people don't like this constant sniping and trying to re-fight a campaign that they've already lost. Don't have an early general election, we cannot allow remainian forces to manipulate the outcome in order to deny Brexit.
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This logic dictates that Churchill should have surrendered after Dunkirk.
No Battle or Britain, No First Alamein (God forbid a second), No liberation of Italy, No D-Day - that's just refighting a campaign after you've already lost.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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More "BBC is accused of..."

BBC is accused of 'fawning' over IRA terror chief Martin McGuinness as if he were 'on a par with Nelson Mandela' ... death.html

Well, the Mail was derogatory about Mandela as well, and accused the BBC of "fawning" over him, too.

Among those doing the accusing are random people on Twitter. Such as - @BanTheBBC, Geeza.#Brexit and David Vance
By KevS
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McGuinness should be rightly condemned for the things he did in his earlier life. But what strikes me is how such violently diametrically opposed such as him and Iain Paisley were able to work together successfully.

Which just goes to prove that you can be fanatical about your view, but it is possible to see and respect the opposing one. Mailites, the Corbynistas and the Government should take note.

But they won't.
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