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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I've said here before that up to 2010 it was perfectly possible to meet an opponent and chat, joke or generally take the piss, no offence meant or taken.

Then UKIP. Canvassers threatened, street stalls threatened, anyone with a red rosette threatened, both by supporters and candidates.

And the right are all UKIP now.
By Andy McDandy
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See my signature quotes below. Somewhere along the line two things were realised:

1. It's not enough to just beat your opponent but to utterly destroy them. They're not just wrong but a threat to everything we hold dear, anyone who supports them is a moron or insane, and anything they touch becomes contaminated.

2. You don't have to provide a better vision than your opponent - You just have to trip them up. Once. Because if they're shown to be wrong, you are by default right.
By Boiler
These last two posts sum up what has led me to the point where I am today. UKIP, and all the scum who are it and support it, have cheapened political discourse to the basic level of thuggery now. Simplistic crap for simpletons, people who can't string a sentence together, who cannot formulate a thought for themselves or even acknowledge that other people have differing opinions.

"I am right: YOU are wrong." Even if the evidence suggests otherwise. A major contributory factor to my personal 'black dog'.

A mate said that he was glad that UKIP and Brexit finally allowed us to 'say what we think'. The quote from Churchill earlier says it all, really.
By The Red Arrow
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So they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. As Bones noted recently, they can't win.

Wait till the miserable bastards see the John Lewis one. :roll:
By The Red Arrow
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Oh no! T h_e c-O-d-e h_a5 b_e_E_n B-r 0_K EN! :lol:

The DM Reporter? @DMReporter

YOUR COMMENTS: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

" onclick=";return false;

Note: Moderated in advance.
By bluebellnutter
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Note the post was not "don't be racist" but "be careful because your racism might get seen".
By Malcolm Armsteen
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The arses are proud of it now.
By Bones McCoy
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Let me help them with that.

If you post racist stuff on a public forum, don't be surprised is the public discover that you're racist.
By Andy McDandy
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There are those who have the online disconnect, and don't see what they're doing as racist or offensive. Then there are those who think that they can't possibly be racist as they work with a black person and never shoved shit through a letterbox ever, they just think it's all gone a bit too far. Third are the ones who know exactly what they're doing but know that wider society won't approve. Finally there are those like type 3 but who just don't care.
By The Red Arrow
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I predict the Cr-Y_p_T_0_loG15Ts will be giving us the benefit of their wisdom as events in Zimbabwe unfold...
Recce, Durham, United Kingdom,

50,000 expat White Rhodesians scattered across the world raise a toast to Ian Smith and smile becauses He and the Rhodies said EXACTLY what would happen if Mugabe got into power and they were right. Do I as a Briton feel any guilt for Zimbabwe NO one one iota, My shame is for Rhodesia a nation that stood by us in two world wards and we betrayed in the 60s. Zimbabwe has EXACTLY the government it fought for and deserves. ... l-facebook" onclick=";return false;
By Arnold
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Sweet Mahal company director Rana Ahmed and Doce Bakers director Nizakat Ali have now been fined £152,823 at Highbury Magistrates Court
ratnickww, Barnet, United Kingdom, less than a minute ago
Filthy immigrants

pass the bottle, lowestoft, United Kingdom, 3 minutes ago
The clues are in the names

Clifford , Melbourne, Australia, less than a minute ago
Nean.derthals in a modern 21st century world. They don't belong.

That was a small sample. ... z4yi9XrBc9" onclick=";return false;
By Arnold
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Irish gipsy wins £1,500 payout after landlady BARS him saying: 'We're not allowing travellers in this pub'
Fortunately, the Mail had the foresight to moderate the comments.
ADW, Swansea, 3 hours ago
A pub or bar can ban anyone for any reason. IT is that simple. This outcome is insane and bowing down to the PC culture.
whateveryonesthinkin, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
They'll all be at it now

The Trustee, of the truth, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
'The traveller community is protected under the Equality Act 2010' --- Guess who sponsored this Act and pushed it through Parliament. Answer: Harriet Harman.

Good for her. ... z4yzS4ZK4J" onclick=";return false;
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