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By Arnold
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Bacon Mc-NUFFIN! Fast food fans go into meltdown after dozens of McDonald's restaurants across the UK run out of pork
LexiMae Hilton, Boston, United States, 7 minutes ago
If McDon'alds refuse to perm'anently remo've por'k from its menu, I cal'l upon the people of the UK to boyc'ott the ls'Iamo'phobic McD'onalds.

No, me neither.
Trebor, London, United Kingdom, 12 minutes ago
Part of the Mayor of London¿s master plan

Vindigirl, London, United Kingdom, 10 minutes ago
soon we won't be able to buy or eat pork. i might tweet Donald. ... z500tnpc7S" onclick=";return false;
By bluebellnutter
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Jesus, I understand their paranoia leading them to think words like "Muslim" or "black" might be censored if they honestly believe the world is controlled by PC Thought Police, but "permanently"? Or "removed"? Or "call"???
By Arnold
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Sadiq Khan urges London voters to punish the Government over 'Brexit chaos' at May's local elections amid Tory fears they will lose top town halls
Kevin, Mellor brook, United Kingdom, 20 minutes ago

It sounds like he is trying to reduce our once great country down to the level of his own native country !

TruthItIs, UK, United Kingdom, 24 minutes ago

Hopefully, the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists and non-religious will see this man's true colours and stop him in his tracks before it is too late. ... nment.html
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By D.C. Harrison
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Does sort of remind me of being in a pub on Friday night and overhearing someone saying "you know what, I think that Tommy Robinson has got a point. Thing is, he researches stuff right... people never have an answer for his questions".

I worry this kind of shit is becoming more endemic in this country.
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