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By Safe_Timber_Man
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'Halve emissions or face catastrophe': Landmark UN report warns the world has just 12 YEARS to halt global warming before the planet is plunged into extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty ... ating.html

Trying not to shoehorn Brexit into everything but Mailites attitude towards climate change reminds me of their attitude towards Brexit.

It's either: "I don't give a shit. I'll be dead by the time the negative effects hit and fuck everyone else". Or "Project Fear".

Youareausefulidiot, An hour N of SB, United States, 10 hours ago
Latest propaganda crap from the U.N.
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Anon_EMouse, Mouse vile, American Samoa, 10 hours ago
I'll pass ( gas) before I freeze and get rid of my boiler. Oh, and stop eating meat?? Who wrote this, a vegan? It's a fact that most of our greenhouse gases are coming from China . Ask them first.
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Voted Obama n Trump, Palo Alto, United States, 10 hours ago
Stop sending aid to afr1ca
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Waidmann, Detroit, United States, 9 hours ago
The UN can go the way of the Dodo.
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bruno201, w-s-m, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
The UN is a useless flawed organisation overrun with lefty spouting windbags. On the important issues it just wrings it's hands.
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NullPointerException, Not Laaandaaan, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
I do not care a hoot about climate change because the climate will change regardless just like it always has.
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By cycloon
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mattomac wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:50 pm
I'm sure they will enjoy all those Immigrants coming from the med.
That's called joined-up thinking, and will not do.

There are one line solutions for all issues, and understanding of all issues is entirely contingent not on, y'know, the tangled web and weave of reality, but is dependent on the 'solutions', because only they are understood and considered 'real'.

I.e. 'There are immigrants!' = 'Send them back!'
'Climate change might cause more migration' = 'Send them back!'
'The places they came from are now not able to support such a population' = 'Send them back!'
'We can't, on any number of levels' = 'Traitor'

All that matters is the 'Send them back!'. There is nothing else.
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By satnav
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How climate change is threatening BEER supplies: Lager could DOUBLE in price as severe droughts and heatwaves decimate barley fields, study says ... l#comments

As you would expect with the Mail 90% of comments under the article deny climate change is real.
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