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How on earth do they think the royals have survived so long? By cutting their cloth and adapting with the times.
Boiler wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:45 pm
Now they're not 'real' Royals I'm afraid it'll be open season on them.
A - It'll probably all blow over in a few months.

B - They could move to a concealed carry / stand your ground state where Harry can go full "death wish" on any roving paps.
Re-holsters his piece and whispers "That's one for you mum, and that one's for Meg".
Half-listening to the BBC News channel I think I heard it said that their neighbours are getting fed up with the presence of paps. Now, whether that turns into defence for H&M, or a desire to tell H&M to fuck off elsewhere and take the paps with them is another matter.
It's going to take a while for the North Americans (certainly the media) to get over the novelty of having resident royalty. Plus, according to Radio 4, the UK media have agreed to a no papping rule - apparently no pap pictures have been taken of H&M since their wedding. As H&M are finding out, no such agreement exists on the other side of the pond.
How long before they decide it's quieter over here?
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