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How on earth do they think the royals have survived so long? By cutting their cloth and adapting with the times.
Boiler wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:45 pm
Now they're not 'real' Royals I'm afraid it'll be open season on them.
A - It'll probably all blow over in a few months.

B - They could move to a concealed carry / stand your ground state where Harry can go full "death wish" on any roving paps.
Re-holsters his piece and whispers "That's one for you mum, and that one's for Meg".
Half-listening to the BBC News channel I think I heard it said that their neighbours are getting fed up with the presence of paps. Now, whether that turns into defence for H&M, or a desire to tell H&M to fuck off elsewhere and take the paps with them is another matter.
It's going to take a while for the North Americans (certainly the media) to get over the novelty of having resident royalty. Plus, according to Radio 4, the UK media have agreed to a no papping rule - apparently no pap pictures have been taken of H&M since their wedding. As H&M are finding out, no such agreement exists on the other side of the pond.
How long before they decide it's quieter over here?
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And unsurprisingly, one week after Caroline Flack, these fuckers are putting the boot into Meghan again.

Trash. They won't be happy until she's gone the same way, will they?
I'm sorry but this guy is such a twat. A real scumbag. He's obviously lost interest in any sort of reconciliation so has made the decision to slag off his own daughter to the press at every opportunity. Acting all offended on behalf of the Queen and the British public? Fuck off.

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