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cycloon wrote:Does 'justmyopinion2016' think councillors are the only people employed by councils...?!
Give this Government time... How much is outsourced and offshored already? Throw in the Big Society librarians and we are already well on the way.
Fozzy wrote:They get massively worked up over bloody bins, yet when the same councils fail to do their jobs in terms of social care or SEN provision they really could not be less interested.

Left-hand side of the bell curve.
Man puts cardboard in glass recycling bag. Council refuse to take it.

As it was the first collection day after Christmas, his cardboard bag was stuffed full so he placed four pieces of cardboard - including the mince pie box and a toilet roll insert - inside the top of the bag of glass where there was more room.

Binmen refuse to take away an elderly ex-policeman's recycling because he accidentally 'contaminated it' by leaving an empty mince pie box in the wrong section ... cling.html

SAY WHAT YOU SEE, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Mr Rowland would be better off just putting all his rubbish in the waste bin and forget about council bullies.
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Tails1, Ajax, Canada, 1 hour ago
If that happened to me I would just put all the recycling into the rubbish and be done with it.
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x4, Southampton, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
precisely what I've always done.
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Fears over health risks as more councils prepare to drop bin collections to just once every three or four weeks ... z4r38AsPmz" onclick=";return false;
220 tons of 'recycled' waste from Britain is found dumped in a warehouse in Poland: UK taxpayers will pick up bill for it to be returned ... oland.html

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