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By Northerly Swell
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There's a slight covering of snow in my back garden this morning common sense proof that the so called scientists are wrong and I can lap up the shit being spoon fed to me by the eminent Prof James of Dellingpole university (appologies to The Daily Mash) :roll:
By smod
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Abernathy wrote:Another good illustration of why The Mail is so dangerous. It's not simply that
it's prepared to give space to a vindictive arsehole like Delingpole to publicise his idiotic views, it's the legions of half-wits out there ready to lap it up because it provides "confirmation" of their "common sense" prejudices.
Exactly. They find comfort in their views, their insular world view, fuck Polar Bears and solar energy they are stealth attacks on you the taxpayer, it's green socialism. The greatest evil we face.
By Paul
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First the snow, now the big FREEZE: Treacherous travel conditions set to continue thanks to sub-zero nighttime temperatures

Read more: ... z1lZvD036K" onclick=";return false;

Dear Anne has gone for the nutter response to draw a few in it seems.
People will deny global climate change as they can not and do not want to understand the enormity of it. Until of course the water starts lapping at their doorstep. A few centimetres of snow in the UK does not change the trend of unusual climate activity. Those once in a lifetime storms, floods that are more frequent. Humans are poisoning the planet and nature is fighting back. Oil the driving force behind 20th C advancement, will become more limited in supply, wars have been and will be fought over it. It seems Humans are marked for extinction in the name of religion, fire and brimstone and fairly soon by the look of it.

- Anne, West Midlands EU, 5/2/2012 13:45

By Paul
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The last time she was assessed, "Anne" was sound in the Canticles, as for Liebowitz, is he not a recent Chelsea signing in the January window?

Any road up, you draft it and I will get it in somewhere like.

A top score and 1 replay ( no tilt) is added for an obscure reference to Benedictus.
By Big Rob
Is this finally proof we're NOT causing global warming? The whole of the Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions, says new study

Final proof?


I cannot believe they brought up the 'Medieval Warm Period' again.

Like climate scientists haven't considered that (because they were the ones who discovered it :roll: )

Some of the comments ain't bad for once...
By Tubby Isaacs
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On the other hand:
Wow, more flat-earthers who couldn't pass a 3rd grade level science quiz. - Yearight, here, 26/3/2012 21:42 - Tell that to the actual real scientists who don't follow the polemic and actually disagree with fools like you. Channel four, great global warming swindle. Look it up. Educate yourself.
- Jimbo, Glasgow., 27/3/2012 00:25
Look up "Martin Durkin", Jimbo.
By storygirl
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Bones McCoy wrote:Scotland: Temperature record broken 2 days in a row.

PROOF of global warming: Fact!!
Ahhh but has it stopped raining? :mrgreen:
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