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By Paul
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Bones McCoy wrote:Scotland: Temperature record broken 2 days in a row.

PROOF of global warming: Fact!!
For those of you that used the cold snap in February as proof that the climate is not warming I give you Scotland: Temperature record broken 2 days in a row. PROOF of global warming: Fact !!

- Anne, West Midlands EU, 27/3/2012 6:36
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Interesting comment !
Not as interesting as this...
AGW is a Malthusian depopulationary Rockefeller diseugenical hoax. It was started by the founder of the Swedish Eugenics Society, Sven Arrhenius in 1896. It was debunked by R.W. Wood at Johns Hopkins in 1908. Just like the monarchy, church, university, government, media, entertainment, banking "industtries", they have all outlived their usefulness. The "experts" are the new idiots.
- Stan Lippmann, Seattle, WA, 27/3/2012 15:36
Gibbering fucktard! :roll:
By Maxim
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Could space dust be at fault for climate change? New research links particles in space to ever changing weather conditions

New research that... hasn't been carried out yet. After all, the money was granted in November last year and the project is due to take five years. The primary role of the research is to measure the amount of dust coming in, which at the moment we don't have much of a grasp on at all according to this article from the RAS (where the majority of the DM story was lifted from):

CODITA: measuring the cosmic dust swept up by the Earth
“We have a conundrum – estimates of how much dust comes in vary by a factor of a hundred,” said Plane. “The aim of CODITA is to resolve this huge discrepancy.”

Satellite observations suggest that 100-300 tonnes of cosmic dust enter the atmosphere each day. This figure tallies with the rate of accumulation in polar ice cores and deep-sea sediments of rare elements linked to cosmic dust, such as iridium and osmium. However, measurements in the earth’s atmosphere indicate that the input could be as low as 5 tonnes per day. These measurements include meteor radar observations, laser observations of the sodium and iron atoms from evaporating dust in the upper atmosphere, and measurements by high altitude aircraft of meteoritic iron in the lower stratosphere.
Note that this part was omitted from the Mail's version. Then again, broadcasting such uncertainty would get in the way of a good story and dampen the spirits of the usual gaggle of idiots who post comments on climate stories ('They'll tax dust next hur hur').

It's interesting that the Mail have gone with a week-old cosmic dust thing but as yet haven't picked up on this:

CO2 'drove end to last ice age'

I wonder why not?
By Big Rob
Forget global warming: Scientists discover glaciers in Asian mountain range are actually getting BIGGER

Some of the comments.
Conclusive proof -- if any more was ever needed -- that the self-proclaimed "experts" in climate science know precious little more than anyone else on the planet about climate. Their models are based on a tiny amount of data, with the vast majority of the rest of the data guessed-in, or manipulated-in -- that data is then used to make models. Garbage in, garbage out. Meanwhile, they've all being doing rather nicely with grants, consultancy, books and TV appearances. Here's a real scientific result, one that challenges their straw man "consensus of scientists" argument. And still they try to bluff it off as their deliberately rebranded "climate change" (like the climate is ever static). The Big Lie, is looking more like a lie every day.
- dave, Dystopia, UK, 15/4/2012 23:34
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So when "the self-proclaimed "experts"" (i.e. scientists) come up with what appears to be evidence that supports your biased view then you immediately accept it without question? Fuggen' idiot....

It is an anomaly that's for sure.

Rather than "forgetting" global warming perhaps you should inform yourself about this from a scientific journal..... ... ce-1.10448" onclick=";return false;

.... rather than inform yourself from the mail.....
By ezinra
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Today, they've made the same discovery all over again.
Please forward this news item to the BBC - they are the drum beaters par excellance for the climate change global warming tax everything to death eco fascists.

- peter marton, middlesbrough, uk, 10/7/2012 20:42 Rating (0)
By Paul
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Blame the melting ice! Our dismal summer weather can be blamed on a dramatic shift in the Arctic as forecasters warn of a July washout

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does not compute with Mail readers !
By Fflaps
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Wow, I can't decide if the genuinely stupid ones like
Has the earths axis shifted ?
- Angry, UK, 11/7/2012 14:13
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If the Arctic ice is melting as claimed, this would cause warmer air in the Arctic. The resulting plumes would be warm air, not cold air, so the statement is illogical.
- dibble, UK, 11/7/2012 11:21
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(Has Dibble never used ice to cool himself? The air that comes off it as it melts is, obviously, cold)

or the hysterical 'there's no such thing as climate change, nothing to see here' people like
A gong for the enviro-communist anarchist marxist who thought this latest one up. It's good to see that not all the time is being wasted lurking under those tents fixated on iPads and iPods.
- Ameya Sawalkar, Belfast, 11/7/2012 13:45
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It's getting hotter - global warming. It's getting colder - global warming. It's getting drier - global warming. It's getting wetter - global warming. It's more unsettled - global warming. We're stuck in a rut - global warming. There's a drought - global warming. There are floods - global warming. There's a scam - global warning, there's no such thing as global warming! ps - global temperatures have NOT risen in the past decade.
- Dante Alighieri, Back in the Circles of Hell, 11/7/2012 13:34
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are more annoying.
A little insight into why dibble, UK probably wasn't a star pupil
The resulting plumes would be cold air, Dibble - UK, because the warm air is travelling along and as it approaches the ice, the ice starts to melt however it the ice cools the warm air at the same time trying to equalise the temperature. This cause the cool plumes of air.- Robert Browne, Ex- Pat, Liverpool England, 11/7/2012 11:33 Sorry Can't make head not tail out of this statement.

- dibble, UK, 11/7/2012 12:38
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He spake thus, and the ice caps disappeared in a *pop*of logic :roll: There are of course more:
Now why did I just know that the Global Warming Hoaxers would somehow find a way of spinning all this rain so as to support the UN's Great Carbon Tax Scam? Did the Met Office think this one up for them or was it Al Gore?

- Derrick, Nottingham, 11/7/2012 11:37
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Because nothing on this earth will ever convince you otherwise? I assume for example that at some point it's been explained to you that Al Gore doesn't work for HMRC.
Okay, I give up, what about if I paid even more tax ... would that help?

- Ex Pat Eastern Europe, Bratislava Slovak Republic now just another Soviet EU pointless region, 11/7/2012 11:14
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You could fuck yourself off the edge of the map, dickhead. That would definitely help.
By Abernathy
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I didn't hear the John Humphrys interview on this morning's Today programme first hand,
but reading this transcript of it (link below), Humphries was fucking disgraceful, and I'm all but certain that he was using his own Daily Mail esque views on climate change, and not the roper research that should have been done, to drive the interview

I've long thought that Humphrys is a liability that should have been retired years ago. I hope to fuck that this is the catalyst that makes it happen as soon as possible. ... -interview
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