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By Andy McDandy
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Quite a few pictures in today's Mirror show rather older protesters than the cliched rent a mob and student activists the Mail would have you believe dominate these things.
By Samanfur
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The two people on top of the DLR earlier today were middle aged and wearing business suits.

There must be some very frustrated Picture Editors out there, desperate for a pic of the next Swampy.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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There's a real blitz on them this morning:

Whose side are they on? Police officers RAVE with eco-warriors chanting 'we love you' in Oxford Circus amid fury over Scotland Yard's 'revolving door' of letting arrested activists back on streets - as London braces for more chaos today ... ircus.html

Freed to cause chaos AGAIN: Fury over Scotland Yard's 'revolving door' as arrested eco-warriors go straight from the cells back to the protests - and threaten MORE disruption across London today ... asted.html

Forget Brexit, this lot's making Britain a global laughing stock: ROBERT HARDMAN on the eco-warriors' London takeover ... eover.html

DAVID BLUNKETT: Why hasn't the full force of the law been used against these eco anarchists who fill me with contempt? ... hists.html

It's no wonder police are accused of waving the white flag: Moment officers on one of UK's busiest routes simply stroll past eco-warriors who've paralysed London for three days, insisting they must respect their 'rights' ... -flag.html

Revealed: 'Stroppy' eco-warrior who stormed off Sky News and is behind graffiti attacks on Tory HQ is a globe-trotting 'poet' from £17,500-a-year private boys' school ... rview.html

Imagine having this much hatred and anger towards people protesting against the destruction of our planet. At least 6 articles, one straight after the other, attacking and smearing them.
By Boiler
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Maybe this planet's time has come. Right now, an end to it all would be no bad thing IMO.

I can see what ER are driving at, but the target is absolutely, positively unattainable in their time frame.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod Liddle takes his turn to attack them. One of the very many things that bugs me about Liddle as that his columns basically just consist of flinging insults at people. How can a professional writer for a national newspaper have a job based on simply calling people names? It's vile. In this one article about the climate change protesters he calls them:

*privileged clowns
*Middle Class Zombie Tossers
*Well-bred, polite narcissists
*dim as a five-watt bulb
*these morons

And then tries to blame climate change on blacks in Africa, obviously, but everyone is just too "PC" to admit it.

ROD LIDDLE Extinction Rebellion protesters are just privileged clowns whose fuelish stunt only served to make lives difficult for ordinary Londoners

HOPE you’re all OK down there in London. It’s been terrifying watching it on the TV.

Invasion of the Middle Class Zombie Tossers. Armed with hipster beards, topknots, vegan shakes, lots of badges and stupid placards. I think I even saw a kaftan or two.

Hundreds of these privileged clowns, all trying to make life much more difficult for ordinary Londoners going about their work.

This is the Extinction Rebellion protests. People who believe they are the sole repositories of the truth about climate change. The only people who know about global warming.

Well-bred, polite narcissists every single one of them. And dim as a five-watt bulb in an aircraft hangar.

Angry about carbon emissions and climate change, what do they do? Yep, they target public transport — the best means we have for REDUCING emissions.

A bunch of them glued themselves to Docklands Light Railway trains (with a warning to police that they were glued so they mustn’t be pulled too hard. Ha. Sod that. Rip away, Plod. If a few hands get left behind, it’ll serve as a lesson).

The others disrupted London bus services so that half a million people were greatly inconvenienced. Traffic has been gridlocked. People unable to get to work. It’s estimated that the daily demonstrations have cost London traders at least £12million.

And for what? Do these morons not realise that they are making matters worse by targeting public transport? And that they are in danger of losing the argument by penalising ordinary people — who probably feel worried about climate change themselves.

That’s the thing, of course. Because they are out there with their Waitrose snack packs they think the rest of us don’t care. But I have no doubts about global warming. I just don’t think the issue is helped terribly much by making life a misery for everybody else.

No country in the world has done more to combat emissions than the UK. Our carbon emissions have reduced by almost half since 1990. And they continue to reduce. They’d reduce even quicker if these eco-warriors stopped carping about nuclear power. A few more nuclear power stations and our emissions would reduce hugely.

Here’s a message to them. How about you go and have a word with the Chinese? They’re becoming the principal offenders. Or maybe the Indians.

And when you’ve done that, how about engaging with some of the really tough issues about climate change? Such as reducing the enormous population growth in Africa and other parts of the Third World.

The more people, the bigger the problem. And the greater the rate of extinction for the other creatures that share our planet. I don’t mean Liberal Democrats, I meant animals and stuff.

But they won’t get involved in that stuff. It’s too politically incorrect. And if they glued themselves to a bus in China they’d have the crap beaten out of them by the police before you could say CO2.

It’s altogether much more agreeable to have a pleasant march in London and hopefully get arrested by coppers who behave like off-duty social workers.

Extinction Rebellion. They’re worried they’ll become extinct. If only they would.
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